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Friday the 13th – What the Hell Happened?

Horror movies.  The classic genre that is always around, no matter time of year.  In this genre there are few iconic franchises that hold fans for decades.  One such franchise is Friday the 13th.  We have seen approximately 12 movies in the main franchise so far.  This character has travelled through space and time, to […]

Raiders of the Lost Ark Turns 35

Where were you on June 12th, 1981?  If you were of movie going age you were probably at a theater on opening night for this movie.  Raiders of the Lost Ark hit 35 years ago to critical acclaim and eventually setting a box office returns record for the year.  This was a collaboration between George […]

What the Hell Happened- Power Rangers

In the early 90’s we saw the launch of a live action, primary colored, television show called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  I was probably a little too old to be included in the demographic for this series but I was still a fan of, at least, the original series.  It was fun and it was […]

Top 20 Box Office Hits: ‘Civil War’ dethroned

It was exciting to do the top 20 box office list to see where the movies landed. “Captain America: Civil War” has been a box office smash but this last weekend it met it’s match in the form of bird… little angry ones. In their first weekend in theaters, “Angry Birds” flew past “Captain America” […]

Fruit Ninja Movie Coming, Seriously

You are not reading that title wrong.  There is apparently a live action movie coming that will be based on Fruit Ninja.  Yeah, the mobile game that is all about swiping fruit as they fly up on the screen, cutting them.  That is the premise of the game.  The premise of the movie is another […]

Transformers 5 Officially Titled

Transformers 5 now officially has a title.  The new title was announced earlier today on Instagram by Paramount Pictures.  Anyone else remember when this stuff was discussed on the news in the entertainment segment?  Paramount Pictures are working to keep the giant robot movie franchise going and are taking big steps to ensure that.  One […]

Could Dolph Lundgren Play Cable in Deadpool Sequel?

Dolph Lundgren, an actor whose career was shot to hell when he accepted the lead role in a little film called Masters of the Universe.  Dolph Lundgren has been in a lot of movies over the years, often playing the bad guy who happens to be Russian.  Recently Fox confirmed that a sequel to Deadpool […]

Endless Running Games, the Mobile Answer to the Movie and Television Licenses

Okay, I have to admit, when I first saw Temple Run on a friend’s iPhone I honestly was intrigued.  Till then I was not impressed with the endless running game genre.  Sure, 2D runners were nice around this time but they simply didn’t “do it” for me as a gamer.  I am old school, I […]

Must See Movies of 2016

As the success of Star Wars the Force Awakens, rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars across the globe, will its momentum signal a turnaround for the cinema industry in 2016? Movie companies are looking to make 2016 a very profitable year with some eagerly awaited titles. CPC 4 EvaMore Posts

Disney Chairman, Robert Iger, confirms there will be a new Indiana Jones film coming.

Rumor no more, talking on  Bloomberg News, Robert Iger, Chairman of Disney Corporation, has stated that a new Indiana Jones will be coming. As for anything else to do with the new Indiana Jones movie nothing has been confirmed. CPC 4 EvaMore Posts

Leonardo DiCaprio Turned Down Star Wars Prequels Role

Is everything and anything Star Wars related destined to go viral this holiday period? It would appear that way. Its worldwide popularity amongst movie goers and die-hard Star Wars fans alike, the release of Star Wars, The Force Awakens is illustrating the voracity of Star Wars related news stories is not abating any time soon. […]

Disney Sued For Copyright Infringement: Was “Wreck-It Ralph” Stolen?

Back in November of 2012, Disney released what would be a very successful full length feature film, that was a throwback to the retro video game world. When “Wreck-It Ralph” was released in theaters, it brought in a lot of revenue for the company, and was considered to be a success not only at the […]

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Adds Jason Voorhees, Who Else Needs a Spot on the Roster?

Jason Voorhees has been added to the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X, after already hitting the console and PC versions.  This is great news for fans of the game since it means they can earn another, cooler, character to play as.  My question is, what other characters deserve a chance in the series?  Should […]

Renegades Takes Star Trek Truly Into Darkness

It has been a decade since “Star Trek: Enterprise” went off the air, ending an 18-year run with at least one Trek series on the small screen. We’ve had nothing since. But you can’t fault the effort of numerous fan-powered and crowdfunded efforts to convince CBS to give the franchise another go. However, a small […]

Vacation Review – Don’t call it a Remake

When word first surfaced that there was finally going to be another “Vacation” movie coming out, I was more than a little apprehensive.  The original series also known as National Lampoon’s Vacation, Vegas Vacation, European Vacation and Christmas Vacation were all hits in their own rights.  More specifically, they have a cult following that is […]

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