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Raiders of the Lost Ark Turns 35

Where were you on June 12th, 1981?  If you were of movie going age you were probably at a theater on opening night for this movie.  Raiders of the Lost Ark hit 35 years ago to critical acclaim and eventually setting a box office returns record for the year.  This was a collaboration between George Lucas (writer) and Steven Spielberg (director) that just came together with the right amount of action and drama.  A classic was born.

The Raiders of the Lost Ark story is almost timeless.  Set in the 1930’s, an archaeologist named Indiana Jones is on the trail of his greatest find in Peru.  His rival in this field, Rene Belloq has friended the local people and is waiting outside the cave for Indiana to emerge.  This sets the tone for the rest of the movie as Jones is constantly “just out of place” to win in his current situation but somehow finds a way to turn it around.

After losing the precious archaeological find, Indiana Jones returns to his teaching career at Marshall College.  Some Army Intelligence agents come to him at work and inform Jones that his mentor is being hunted by Nazis.  Remember, this is set in the 1930’s so this is a completely believable storyline twist.

This sets Jones on a globetrotting experience that involves hunting the Ark of the Covenant itself.  Since there is a small chance that someone reading this has not seen Raiders of the Lost Ark yet, I won’t spoil the rest of the movie.

Raiders of the Lost Ark not only set a revenue record in theaters when it was released it also went onto be one of the highest grossing movies ever.  This is quite a feat for a movie made in the 80’s based on the 30’s about an archaeologist just trying to live life.

Celebrate Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark by watching it on one of the many options available today.

Carl Williams

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