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Voltron Legendary Defender Netflix Review

Voltron, an iconic cartoon from the 1980’s that has sorely been lacking in any kind of reboot love for decades, has finally found a new home.  Netflix has just released their version of Voltron, in conjunction with DreamWorks Animation.  Voltron is kind of like Robotech- in Japan it is three separate series while in North America it is all one “brand”.  The most popular Voltron though is the “lions” by far.  That is the version that Netflix and DreamWorks have rebooted in grand fashion.  The question is, will fans come on board or will they scoff at this reboot like they did the Thundercats reboot by Cartoon Network?

The new Voltron is quite different from the original that is what a reboot is about- right?  First, the art style is much more “anime” with huge eyes, exaggerated expressions and even a bit of sexual innuendo.  The reboot is somewhere between mature and teenage humor- dangerous ground as it can turn off either or both demographics.

The backstory for the heroes in Voltron Legendary Defender is different too.  This is all in line with the idea of a reboot and helps clear the slate for the new show.  About the only thing that remains the same is the general age of Pidge, the Princess, the lions and the enemies – for the most part.  The Netflix reboot doesn’t follow the original too closely in stories either which can be good and bad at the same time.

Purists, you are going to hate this reboot much like that other one that was all “CGI” that I won’t name here.  For those of us that just want more, new, stories in the Voltron universe, it is a fun treat.

Voltron Legendary Defender is closer to the source material than the Thundercats reboot was and that is a good thing.  Netflix could have completely screwed this one up but they didn’t.  Be thankful and just enjoy the ride.  Maybe we will get more.

Carl Williams

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  • cornflahkes

    Just watched Season 1 all the way through over a couple days.

    Couple thoughts (likely spoilers, but will try to avoid huge ones):

    Watched the original as a kid – enjoyed this one.
    It’s on Netflix, no advertising breaks – find a way to get a good intro/theme section included.
    Maybe something more in the “Form Voltron” phase – some voiceover “and I’ll form the head” homage.
    Though they did take some of it for the castle I think.
    The original is way campier. This is much more watchable – some of the little odd anime elements were, well, odd, but, meh.
    The Pidge secret – not bad. But do more with it afterward? A little at least…

    Super spoiler:

    Does no one think, “the creepy robot enemy arm attached to our leader *might* be unwise?”


    • Carl Williams

      Yeah, they missed a few golden opportunities to really pull on the nostalgia strings. I think they probably are better off or not going with them though. There are some things that will forever be above redoing- like Peter Cullins’ intro narration.

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