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Transformers 5 Officially Titled

Transformers 5 now officially has a title.  The new title was announced earlier today on Instagram by Paramount Pictures.  Anyone else remember when this stuff was discussed on the news in the entertainment segment?  Paramount Pictures are working to keep the giant robot movie franchise going and are taking big steps to ensure that.  One step is in where the fifth installment will be filmed.

The Michigan Film and Digital Media Office announced earlier this year that the fifth Transformers movie would be filmed in Detroit.  This is great news for an ailing city that is in great need of some financial stimulation.  Film crews and associated personnel can bring a large amount of business into a region during filming.  Also, after filming has concluded, the tourist office may be able to capitalize on the success of the film and bring in tourists who wish to see firsthand key locations.

The Transformers 5 will be titled “The Last Knight”, probably in reference to Optimus Prime finally taking the big fall.  Fans may remember that in the original animated Transformers movie Optimus Prime was terminated by Megatron while fighting in Autobot City.  This was a tragic moment for many fans, myself included, as Optimus Prime was the epitome of goodness and honesty.  To see his life taken like that, by that method, it was quite a tearful moment in animation history.  This moment, and the parental backlash it created, is rumored to have forced a change in the storyline for G.I. Joe’s movie.

Mark Wahlberg will be returning for Transformers 5: The Last Knight, reprising his role as Cade Yeager.  At the moment, The Last Knight is expected in theaters on June 23rd, 2017.

Personally, I will be watching it in theaters that weekend.  Are you excited for this next installment of the Transformers franchise?  I would like to see an animated version, maybe something continuing the Quintesson storyline from the original.

Carl Williams

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