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Time Warner AT&T Merger Could Spell Disaster for Entertainment Fans

It is no secret that Time Warner and AT&T are in talks to merge with AT&T taking on the former as a subsidiary.  This, on paper, sounds kind of cool. The concern I have with this going through lays with the entertainment side of things.  Is having AT&T in control of things such as Warner […]

DC Legends Gives DC Comics Characters Role Playing Action

DC Comics are often thought of as the “second” in line when it comes to most things.  I don’t mean this as a derogatory statement, just DC Comics has to try harder than Marvel does to reach new readers.  More often than not, if you are not talking about Batman or Superman then most people […]

The Most Memorable Cars in Movie/TV History

This article is based around the most memorable cars in movies and TV. Can you guess before looking which ones made the list. Many movies over the years have had an awesome automobile in them. Our four-wheeled shiny and not so shiny friends deserve some recognition. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the […]

Commissioner Gordon from Justice League Movie First Look

If you are excited for the upcoming Justice League movie that is starring an all-star cast of people then you have probably already clicked that “read more” tag at the bottom of this snippet.  After the jump we have the first look at J.K. Simmons portraying Commissioner Jim Gordon in the new Justice League movie, […]

Anne Hathaway Discusses Possiblity Of A Catwoman Movie

Anne Hathaway played the character Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman in the 2012 movie The Dark Knight Rises. She has recently discussed the possibility of a stand alone catwoman movie. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If there is a story to be told I will tell it. I’m […]

The Batman: What Happens To Jared Leto’s Joker?

The Batman stand alone movie has begun to roll and as Ben Affleck is currently busy filming Justice League, his next director adventure has also started to take place.With Ben Affleck playing the Batman, the DCEU movie has reportedly cast Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. […]

Heath Ledgers Father Speaks Out About His Sons Death

On January 22nd 2008 the world sadly lost a talented movie star. Heath Ledger was found deceased in his hotel room after dying of an overdose or multiple types of prescription medications. This terrible news Shocked the world and many mourned his tragic death. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If […]

Could Netflix Want Young Justice Third Season?

Netflix is quickly becoming the go to destination for new, original, animated programming.  They released Voltron earlier this year and prior to that they rebooted Inspector Gadget and Danger Mouse.  Netflix also has the rights to an animated Legend of Zelda series to add to the mix.  Now it seems they have set their sights […]

Ben Affleck wanting his fingers in a lot of pies

Kenneth Branagh is already at work on a new version of murder on the orient express.  Now Ben Affleck wants to muscle in on the Agatha Christie remake action, making a deal with 20th Century Fox for an update of Witness for the Prosecution.  Even though he has his extremely busy Batman schedule, He is making […]

Batman Return of the Caped Crusaders Cartoon Brings Back Classic Bat-Stars

In the 1960’s we had this really cool television show that was campy as all get out.  It is viewed upon badly by a lot of people that watch it now but for the most part, it is accepted as just plain old fun.  My experience with the show came via re-runs because I was […]

Batman the Killing Joke Movie Review

Reviewing Batman the Killing Joke is tough for me.  It has been quite awhile since I read the graphic novel of the same name for one.  Second, I am a big animated Batman fan (anything after the first live action movie has been “eh” to me).  I know the animated movies carry a slightly different […]

GPD XD Android Gaming Device Review

When playing modern Android games it is quickly apparent that a lot of them would be more fun with physical buttons.  Now, with that in mind, it is interesting to note that for the most part, devices that have physical buttons are not the leading Android device in sales.  Yet, thankfully, developers continue to bring […]

Suicide Squad Members Invade Injustice Gods Among Us on Android and iPhone

It is no secret that the Suicide Squad movie is out now, it is receiving mixed reviews but it was actually released.  There is even a mobile game for them (review of both movie and game forthcoming).  Now, a brand new character from the Suicide Squad team has invaded Injustice Gods Among Us for Android […]

Batman The Telltale Series Episode One: Realm of Fear Now Available

Batman is one of those franchises that companies have to try really hard to screw up.  That is unique in the cross promotion world, especially between comics and video games.  Telltale Games, though, have a reputation for doing good games so knowing they were behind this new Batman episodic game made it easier to get […]

Snapchat Making Advertising More Personal Through Patent

Snapchat, the popular messaging platform that is extremely popular with the younger crowd, is looking to improve the ads that you see.  How are they going to do this?  By paying attention to what is in the background of your messages.  Yep.  The background.  Before you send that next message you might want to make […]

Batman Receives Telltale Treatment

Batman.  This is a license that requires no introduction whatsoever.  You either know what Batman is or you don’t.  That also is true for your enjoying the license or not- there is very little “in between ground” here.  The news here is that Telltale Games is in control of the license, at least for a […]

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