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Bill Cosby Trial Coming Soon

The Bill Cosby Trial will happen soon. After numerous women have come forward with accusations against Bill Cosby of sexual assault, the once beloved Cosby will have his day in court as a Pennsylvania Judge orders him to face prosecution.

Finding there to be enough evidence to stand trial during a hearing Tuesday, it was ruled that Cosby would stand trial for his alleged crimes. The next court date assigned to Cosby will be July 20th but not official trial date has been set.

Cosby is facing three charges of sexual assault resulting from the accusations made by Andrea Constand in regards to an incident that took place in 2004. This was the accusation that caused a chain reaction of more than 50 women claiming they had been drugged and sexually assaulted by the comedian.

If found guilty of the charges, Cosby is facing up to 10 years in prison but his attorney isn’t taking the decision lying down.

“The evidence presented today was evidence of nothing,” Brian McMonagle, Cosby’s lead attorney, said. “They had 12 years to bring an accuser to confront Mr. Cosby. They chose not to.” He follows up with, “There was no evidence of a crime here. And the inconsistencies that plagued this investigation from the beginning continue to plague it now. This case should end immediately.”

Kevin Steele begs to differ though. “The prosecution only had to prove that a crime had been committed and the defendent’s connection to the crime.” He also points out, “It’s a preliminary hearing, hearsay is admissible, and we’re just over the next hurdle.”

This is only the beginning of Cosby’s legal troubles as more of the women will have the chance to tell their stories in court in the future.

Cosby was been seeking psychological treatment for what has been diagnosed as “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” which is described as a form of Nechrophilia in which the person finds arousal in an unconscious person. So we will see how that condition effects the trial.

Jordan Zeitler

Jordan Zeitler is 33 years old and lives in St. Louis, MO with his partner of 5 years. He enjoys spending time with his children and his friends. As a published writer, he writes short stories, stage plays, and poetry. In his free time, he escapes the real world by watching a lot of movies and TV. He also stays current on all aspects of entertainment news and politics. Jordan also served in the military for 8 years and is an advocate for veteran rights. Jordan has devoted a lot of his time to a small community theater company as the Production Manager. He also started a Youth Theater Program to educate kids about theater, singing, and improvisations. He hopes to someday publish the next great American novel and own a theater company of his own.

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