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5 Reasons WWE Should Keep Enzo & Cass Together

When WWE started airing NXT shows it was a method of getting new talent ready for the big show, Monday Night Raw.  Over the years there have been countless talents called up from NXT to the main roster.  Some have done quite well (Neville and Kevin Owens) while others have hit the mat with a wet thud (The Ascension and Adam Rose and Tyler Breeze).  Of the ones that have hit well with fans, Enzo & Cass are one of the more memorable.  They are also kind of a rarity in they are a tag team to get over with fans after coming from NXT.  As with most things that are a success early on, WWE goes out of their way to mess with it.

Recently at a Pay Per View (PPV) event, Enzo was injured during a match.  This forced Cass to go on his own for a period of time and compete- usually beating down tag teams like The Dudley Boyz and The Vaudevillains (who were in the match when Enzo was injured).  Cass was able to continue keeping the tag team in the light with fans by coming off of some high profile wins without Enzo.  This got a lot of fans wondering if WWE would be breaking the duo up any time soon.  I don’t know if they are planning it but I do have five reasons they should not break them up.

  • Lack of believably interesting tag teams

Right now the WWE is lacking interesting tag teams.  With the brand split coming, it is only going to accentuate this lack of good tag teams.  Sure, they recently added Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (who came over with AJ Styles) but overall the division is weak.  We lost the tag team of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose as Reigns restarted his quest for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (and eventually won it).  For a few matches we had Chris Jericho and AJ Styles team up (it was pretty clear it was a temporary thing).  The Dudley’s are way beyond being interesting, if they ever were.

Enzo & Cass are completely different to what came before them.  Sure, WWE has tried the whole “from Brooklyn” angle with the Brooklyn Brawler but these two actually are over with fans.

  • They complement each other so well

Cass is the muscle while Enzo is the “mouth” of the team.  This is an age old formula.  Most strong tag teams over the years have followed this model.  Even the Dudley’s use it and they are not exactly known for their mic skills.  It is a formula that works and it works really well for Enzo & Cass.

  • Separate they are not as good

Face it, while Enzo was out whenever their music hit you wanted REALLY badly for Enzo to show up.  You waited, hoping to see that little guy, in comparison to Cass, come back peddling and running around the stage.  That is because he is the flash of the team.  Cass is obviously the muscle.  These two together works and they work well together.

  • If handled right they have lasting power

Sure, eventually the whole “You Can’t Teach That” gimmick intro is going to start annoying more people than it is worth.  The thing is, they have plenty of room for developing in front of the larger audience they see on the main roster.  Remember, what works in a controlled environment like NXT does not always work on the main roster- especially for tag teams.

  • The looming brand split will thin the tag team division more

Yeah, they are planning another brand split sooner than later.  Probably will occur at or right after an upcoming PPV event.  When this happened in the past they also broke up the titles.  They brought back the WWE version of the WCW World Heavyweight Title – called the World Heavyweight Title.  The tag team titles were broken up and similarly titled.  The US Title went to one show while the Intercontinental Title went to the other show and so on.

When the brand split occurs there will be a lot fewer tag teams on either show.  Even if they pulled up all tag teams, and combinations thereof, from NXT they would still be short on worthy teams to compete for each tag title on their respective shows.

So, are you a fan of Enzo and Cass?  Hate them and their gimmick or love it?  Sound off in the comments!


Carl Williams

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