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Netflix Update Brings Offline Viewing

Netflix, the leader in digital subscriptions, has just made a major update to their app for Android and iPhone users (are Windows Phone users even a thing anymore?). This update brings one major thing that fans have clamored for quite a while. The only problem is in how it is implemented. It is kind of […]

Vudu Adds Fan Focused Support Options for Android Users

Fans of movies and television shows probably already know about Vudu, the digital distribution service owned by Walmart. Available via platforms such as Android, Roku, and computers, Vudu is an entertainment lover’s dream. Boasting over 100,000 movies and television shows Vudu is definitely a leader in the field of digital distribution of this content. With […]

Vudu Launches Free Streaming Service

It is interesting to note that more and more companies that control a lot of digital content are getting into offering a free option to viewers.  This is obviously movies and television focused as we won’t see Steam allowing similar things to happen with their gaming library anytime soon.  One early company to find success […]

How Hollywood Could Liven Up 4 Tired Genres

If you’re a film fan, you know the popular narrative: Hollywood is out of ideas, and that’s why in the past few years we’ve been treated to an endless slog of sequels, adaptations, and unnecessary reboots (like freaking Police Academy). We’ve also seen fairly lazy efforts in popular but tired genres that have been boiled […]

5 Upcoming Gaming Movies that have WTF Written All Over Them

Movie genres have a wide variety of ideas and premises that sometimes are just weird.  Imagine the pitch for The Blair Witch for example- single, shaky, camera following three no name actors through the woods and it is black and white.  Do I need to bring up the horrid Super Mario Bros movie?  Yeah, didn’t […]

Google Wants to Know- Would You Use Drone Based Video Download Assistance?

Users of the Google Rewards App are used to random questions popping up in their usual surveys.  Sometimes these are simply Google’s way of making sure you are human and that you are paying attention to what you are reading.  Other times it seems they are preludes to what might come within technology.  Such as […]

Hulu Finally Adds Expiring Soon Notification

Who else finds it annoying as all get out when your digital media service of choice removes content without notice?  This is especially annoying when you are in the middle of a season and the contract is up so it simply disappears.  This has happened a few times, especially with movies I discover late in […]

Disney Sued For Copyright Infringement: Was “Wreck-It Ralph” Stolen?

Back in November of 2012, Disney released what would be a very successful full length feature film, that was a throwback to the retro video game world. When “Wreck-It Ralph” was released in theaters, it brought in a lot of revenue for the company, and was considered to be a success not only at the […]

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