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Friday the 13th – What the Hell Happened?

Horror movies.  The classic genre that is always around, no matter time of year.  In this genre there are few iconic franchises that hold fans for decades.  One such franchise is Friday the 13th.  We have seen approximately 12 movies in the main franchise so far.  This character has travelled through space and time, to hell and back, and even to Manhattan.  What else is there left to do?  Also, we already saw a reboot of this franchise recently (the one with the REALLY tall Jason).  Come next year we get ANOTHER reboot.  This time someone new is entering the family picture.

Daddy.  Yep, the Friday the 13th reboot that is releasing next January will feature both mommy and daddy in Jason’s origin story.  This is at least something that has not been done before in the franchise.  We have only seen mommy in Jason’s origin flashbacks.  The question is, is this enough?  Is this the only new thing they are bringing to the franchise?

The Friday the 13th franchise went to hell as soon as they started pulling Jason out of Camp Crystal Lake.  He should have stayed there and expanded the surrounding area.  They have had the military blow him up and it being covered by the news.  Jason has also gotten a few travel miles in as he has left the New York area and even got a few kills on a space station.  I mean, seriously.  Where else could they take this series?

The reboot we saw recently returned to the basics already so this second reboot cannot simply do that.  No, they have to do more now.  I don’t think simply adding daddy to the backstory is going to change much.  Unless there is a twist we aren’t expecting- one that kind of screws the whole series over.  Isn’t that what reboots are for though?  Forgetting ALL of the previous stuff and starting anew?

What if this reboot that features daddy turns out that daddy was the reason Jason drowned?  What if the reason Jason is killing teens having sex is because daddy was off fornicating with a teenager by the waterside, in view of a drowning Jason?  It would also explain why Jason’s mom was so against the camp counselors.  Wouldn’t that throw a wrench in the history of Friday the 13th?

Carl Williams

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