Could Dolph Lundgren Play Cable in Deadpool Sequel?

Dolph Lundgren, an actor whose career was shot to hell when he accepted the lead role in a little film called Masters of the Universe.  Dolph Lundgren has been in a lot of movies over the years, often playing the bad guy who happens to be Russian.  Recently Fox confirmed that a sequel to Deadpool is coming, just not sure when.  The question is, could Dolph Lundgren be tapped to play Cable in the upcoming follow-up to Marvel’s new “mature audiences” star?

Cable is a rather big star in the Marvel Comics world.  When he made his debut he ushered in the age of the “big guns” in comics.  This lead artists and writers to keep one upping each other with a bigger and badder weapon that fired either lasers or projectiles of some sort.  For a lot of readers, myself included, this was a low point in comics as the stories seemed to take second place to the weapons in many comics.

In an interview with Nerdist, it was brought up that Dolph Lundgren was interested in playing Cable in a movie.  Lundgren stated, “Isn’t there a character named Cable that’s coming? Like, he’s a big guy… Well, I guess I could kick some butt doing that I suppose. We’ll see.”

It would be interesting to see how fans received Dolph Lundgren in the role of Cable in Deadpool 2.  Since he has not been in anything that has taken off it could be the shot in the arm of his career that he needs.  It seems that Lundgren is in the “Seagal Status” of direct to DVD movies that are barely a blip on the radar of most fans.  Jean-Claude Vandamme rested comfortably in this status for years following his work in the movie version of Street Fighter- never to have returned to B list status theatrically.

What do you think?  Could Dolph Lundgren play a convincing Cable in Deadpool 2?

Carl Williams

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