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Android TV Receives Super Phantom Cat, Celebrates Nearly Half Million Downloads Overall

Super Phantom Cat, a title that I reviewed in early May, has just made the leap to Android TV.  Along with this release, Veewo Games is celebrating SPC passing 400,000 downloads overall.  This is great news as many 2D side scrolling action platforming titles simply are ignored on Android and iPhone.  This is an amazing […]

Review- Uncharted: Fortune Hunter Android iOS Puzzle Game

Uncharted, one of the main reasons people prefer the Playstation line of consoles, will probably never see a full release on Android or iOS.  What we can expect though is probably more spinoff titles like Uncharted: Fortune Hunter.  I can say there is more gameplay in this spinoff than there is in similar apps for […]

Review- Bejeweled Stars Android Puzzle Game

When you are Electronic Arts and you hold the rights to a really popular, well known, puzzle game it can be tough to re-invent for new audiences.  The same old Match 3 formula is simply not enough to catch the eyes of today’s more picky gamer.  EA has to do something unique and interesting with […]

Review – Super Phantom Cat Android 2D Platformer

Ah, I complain a lot about the lack of 2D platformers being released today but I am not scared to speak up when one hits.  Super Phantom Cat is exactly that- a 2D platformer for Android devices (it is also on iPhone).  If you are like me and miss the good old days of 2D […]

Review- Choplifter HD on Android (also Available on Steam)

Classic titles are classics for a reason.  They are usually not convoluted like current titles are.  Controls are simpler, the game in general is often more direct and they are easily picked up and played.  Choplifter is one such classic that was released at the right time in gaming.  The idea is pretty simple, and […]

Review- Futurama Game of Drones on Android (also Available on iPhone)

Futurama, a cartoon series of adults, well, mature audiences- um, no, that is a misnomer too.  Well, it wasn’t a cartoon for kids but maybe the less discerning adult amongst us.  Anyhow, this is one of those shows that got a game or two years ago, it kind of sucked.  This lack of positive response […]

Review- Avengers Academy for Android (also on iTunes)

The Avengers.  Seems that this group of superheroes can do no wrong for Marvel, at least in theaters.  In comics, things are still swayed quite a bit to the mutants of the X-Men.  Games over the years have not been all that kind to the Avengers though.  During the 8-Bit and 16-Bit era only Batman […]

Review- Angry Birds Pop for Android

Angry Birds are on the move again.  Previously we saw the Rovio gang of birds travel the world in many variations of the original game.  Then we saw them try their wings at downhill racing, for some reason, rather than full on kart racing.  We also got a role-playing game and eventually the true sequel, […]

Review- Smurfs Epic Run on Android GDP XD Tablet

I grew up watching reruns of the Smurf cartoon- I didn’t know it was a rerun at the time though.  It was a fun show, one that fit in perfectly with early 80’s style.  There were moral dilemmas, challenges and educational bits but they were masked quite well- just right for young developing minds to […]

Review- Galactic Nemesis on Android, ZTE Maven

Overhead scrolling shooters are a staple of gaming.  They have been around since the early days with Space War on up to modern interpretations on mobile devices.  We have seen new renditions on the idea with titles like Mig 2D and even reboots like Sky Force 2014.  We have seen the classics revived with Raiden […]

Review- TrainCrasher Brings Final Fight Style Brawling to Android

It is not every day that we get a graphically impressive brawler on mobile.  TrainCrasher is just that though, paying homage to the greats while being visually impressive.  For me, TrainCrasher is a fun romp through a begotten genre.  If you can’t stand “button mashing” fighting games then you are not a brawling fighting game […]

Digger – A Puzzle Quest for Hidden Gems on Android Review

Match 3 titles are more than common place on Android and iOS devices.  Digger- A Puzzle Quest for Hidden Gems is a new take on the Bejeweled formula.  No, you are not fighting anyone like you do in Marvel Puzzle Quest or Doctor Who Legacy.  No, in Digger, you are simply digging.  Match 3, or […]

Love Rocks starring Shakira Review for Android

When I first saw Love Rocks starring Shakira, I was thinking this was going to be a trivial “puzzle” game that was not all that fun or interesting.  After playing it for about a week, I can safely say, it is quite a bit of fun and the challenge level is just about right.  First […]

My Little Pony S5E16 – Rarity Investigates — Here’s looking at you, Dash.

Good Heavens! Two Rarity-centric episodes in a row? A rarity, indeed! Yes, this week, we’ve got our lenses focused on “Rarity Investigates!”. The title is probably one of the most direct we’ve had in the show, given the series’ penchant of spoofing classic titles of movies, books, and famous phrases, but it sells the idea […]

Star Trek Wrath of Gems Review, Bejeweled Meets Generations but Better

I have not exactly been the biggest fan of the Star Trek universe, I found a lot of enjoyment in the original when I was younger and Enterprise was fun for me but apparently not many others.  The movie has already explored the whole “what if Kirk and Picard met” story angle and it was, […]

My Little Pony S5E14: Canterlot Boutique–Fashion Friction

You know, I hadn’t actually intended my review of “Inspiration Manifestation” to come right before another Rarity-centered episode. It was a complete coincidence, I swear. Nevertheless, hello again, and welcome back to Season 5 of Friendship is Magic! I figured I might make this a regular column, seeing as I love to discuss new things […]

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