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British Invasion Hits Avengers Academy

Marvel’s Avengers Academy has just received its latest special event.  The “British Invasion” storyline is available in three parts.  Right now gamers are able to participate in part one, if you do well, you will gain items/characters that will come in handy in parts two and three.  Duh.  There is a bit of backlash at this event from fans though.

It seems that not many people are very happy over how the “Civil War” event was handled.  Some completed everything needed to get Winter Soldier only to see him placed on the campus grounds as a locked character.  Me personally, I was unable to reach that point in the battles so I focused on leveling up the characters from the event that I could (knowing they would be locked to their current level after the event ended).

It looks like British Invasion will be the same as Civil War, and the Guardians of the Galaxy event prior, was.  There is a bit of a storyline behind this event:

The Black Knight has been taken over by The Ebony Blade.  Using the power of the Black Knight, he has captured Union Jack and Captain Britain and pretty much messed over all of England in the process.  For some reason the “not of his right mind” Black Knight has decided to come to Avengers Academy and mess with the younger Avengers.  You won’t see Nick Fury doing much to help either- par for the course.

The point of the British Invasion is to unlock Union Jack and Captain Britain so they can fight the Black Knight.  Defeating the Black Knight will presumably kick out The Ebony Blade from his new mental home.

In the first episode of the British Invasion you earn access to the Magic Portal.  To use this portal you need Magic Scrolls from the Mission Board.  You will send certain heroes through the Magic Gate to search for Starstones which help in freeing Union Jack.

Who can use the portal so far:

Iron Man
Black Widow

I will update this list as I know more as to who can participate, and who cannot, in the search for Starstones.

Also, Guardians of the Galaxy fans, you can now collect Avengers Shields to upgrade characters earned through that previous campaign. Get ready though,  you earn one shield for several hours worth of activity while it takes over 40 for each character to upgrade.  Going to be awhile.

British Invasion Episode One is available till June 15th, 2016 at which point Episode Two will begin.  Ready or not.

Avengers Academy is available on and the iTunes App Store.

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