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HBO Go App Finally Catches Up to Netflix with Features

If you are an HBO Go user then you probably realize that the app kind of sucks. The app is behind the times on many levels and for what seemed like an eternity, HBO was in no hurry to fix things. Until now. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism takes its rightful place as proper […]

Vector Unit Releases Riptide GP Renegade for Apple TV and NVIDIA Shield Android TV

Racing games are quite common on iPhone and Android platforms.  There is literally a plethora of them available.  Some good.  Some great.  More than a few bad.  The Riptide series has consistently held a higher than average rating on the platforms Vector Unit has released it on.  This is like a safety blanket for fans […]

Android TV Receives Super Phantom Cat, Celebrates Nearly Half Million Downloads Overall

Super Phantom Cat, a title that I reviewed in early May, has just made the leap to Android TV.  Along with this release, Veewo Games is celebrating SPC passing 400,000 downloads overall.  This is great news as many 2D side scrolling action platforming titles simply are ignored on Android and iPhone.  This is an amazing […]

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