Digger – A Puzzle Quest for Hidden Gems on Android Review

Match 3 titles are more than common place on Android and iOS devices.  Digger- A Puzzle Quest for Hidden Gems is a new take on the Bejeweled formula.  No, you are not fighting anyone like you do in Marvel Puzzle Quest or Doctor Who Legacy.  No, in Digger, you are simply digging.  Match 3, or more, gems by swapping them and they disappear and leave a path.  This is the basic idea of Digger and it is quite a good one.  The premise is a unique take on what many may feel is a drawn out and tired genre.

It is not just digging though.  You are tasked with collecting treasures that are buried in the ground.  As you progress down you will eventually hit tougher areas that require additional items to plow through.  Each level has a set goal, sometimes a couple.  This keeps you moving along and not getting too bored with your reason for playing another match 3 game.  Some levels you may be tasked with clearing a set number of blocks.  Other levels may require you to reach a certain depth and finally collect treasures of a certain value.

The only thing that bothered me about Digger was the voice of the character.  She is younger and has a voice that, somewhat, matches.  For me, it was just slightly annoying but for my friends and family that were nearby- it was grating.  I received more than a few funny looks as some of the voice samples are hard to take seriously, even if you know the game.

Matching four or more items will reveal a powerup.  These could be radar which shows you the direction of treasure or a bomb.  The bombs come in two flavors.  Directional, swipe left/right or up/down and it destroys five or six blocks in that direction.  The other bomb is a nine square destroyer that is quite fun to use.  Initially you only have one power up slot with more available thanks to the handy dandy In App Purchases.

If you are interested in more games like Digger, check out my “Earning Bitcoin Playing Games” article.  Specifically, FreeBTCMiner which has similar gameplay to Digger.

Digger- A Puzzle Quest for Hidden Gems by Studio Craft Development
Platform: Android (reviewed), iOS and Windows and Windows Phone
Genre: Puzzle
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available on Google Play and the  and Windows (no valid links available though)

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