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Night Terrors Takes Pokemon GO to Hell

Okay, playing Pokemon GO is all nice and good.  A lot of people are finding it to be fun and interesting.  There are people meeting new people, supporting local businesses and more while playing.  That is all fine and dandy.  What about those amongst us that enjoy a good scare from time to time?  The […]

Batman Receives Telltale Treatment

Batman.  This is a license that requires no introduction whatsoever.  You either know what Batman is or you don’t.  That also is true for your enjoying the license or not- there is very little “in between ground” here.  The news here is that Telltale Games is in control of the license, at least for a […]

Windows Bridge Gains Improved iOS Support

Microsoft has been working on this thing called Windows Bridge for a little while now.  What Windows Bridge does, at its core, is allow Windows 10 users to run Android and iOS apps and games.  This is great news for people wanting the best of “all” worlds.  There is a long ways to go before […]

Q*Bert Homage Title, Bunny Leap, Jumps onto Google Play and iTunes

It is not all that often that we see an homage title based on Q*Bert and that is a shame.  While Q*Bert is quite a misunderstood retro gaming title it is still a good one.  The idea is pretty simple, just change all of the tiles on the screen to one color and you will […]

Love Rocks starring Shakira Review for Android

When I first saw Love Rocks starring Shakira, I was thinking this was going to be a trivial “puzzle” game that was not all that fun or interesting.  After playing it for about a week, I can safely say, it is quite a bit of fun and the challenge level is just about right.  First […]

Should Microsoft Enter the World of Linux with Office 365?

Linux is, and will probably always be, a thorn in the side of Microsoft.  There are plenty of variations of the free operating system that do a ton of different things. With that variety comes trouble in getting anything done unless you are quite adept at the command line (I will wait for the flame […]

The Digital Apocalypse Begins with Apple

Okay, one of the main selling points of the all-digital distribution model was that you could download your games whenever you wanted.  Even if the publisher has removed the game after you purchased it you would still be able to access it (after all, you did pay for it).  Well, soon, that is not going […]

Amazon announces a new Fire tablet for $50–Will the iPad have a true challenger at last?

Ah, the Amazon Fire. Originally just known as the Kindle Fire, this was Amazon’s attempt to get into the growing smart tablet market, and considering they’ve had regular hardware improvements, including the amazingly cheap Fire HD 6 (which as of this writing, is available for $100 USD or your regional equivalent), I’d say they’ve made […]

My Thoughts on Cortana Beta on Android, Good but could be Better

It is no secret that Microsoft is bringing Cortana to Android and iOS, along with many of their other software offerings.  If you are crafty you can get access to the Cortana beta right now for your Android device, just be prepared, it is a beta and (please help us entities in the sky) it […]

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