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Pac-Man Puzzle Tour Review, ZTE ZMAX 2 Android Device

Ask any retro gaming fan which gaming character has been in more genres than any other.  Many fans will say Mario from Nintendo, who has played everything from a plumber to a pharmacist.  I would like to bring up Pac-Man by Bandai Namco as a candidate for that lofty title.  You see, nearly genre for […]

Muhammad Ali Puzzle King Review Android ZTE ZMAX 2

When you think of match 3 Bejeweled style games, do you think of a boxing match and Muhammad Ali?  Probably not.  That has not stopped Cosi Productions from trying it though.  Muhammad Ali Puzzle King for Android devices and iPhone is just that.  A boxing match on the top portion of the screen that is […]

Crystal Blitz Review on Android, Fantasy Match 3 Puzzle Game

There are a lot of Match 3 Bejeweled games on Android.  That is a fact, don’t believe me, just do a search for them and see for yourself.  I don’t usually review them anymore as they are mostly the same anymore.  That is why when I do review one, it has to have something I […]

Review – Pets Unleashed Brings Secret Life of Pets to Android on ZTE ZMAX2

The Secret Life of Pets is an upcoming movie that plays on the love most of us have for our pets.  It gives them some human traits (speaking and more complex actions) and builds on the suspicion of pet owners that something is going on when unattended.  Pets Unleashed ties into the movie by using […]

Grimm Cards of Fate Brings Collectible Card Game Based on Show to Google Play

Grimm, the television show that kind of turns those “happily ever after” stories Disney hawks on fans upside down.  The funny thing is, most of the stories Disney turns into popular movies are based on faery tales that are centuries old.  Another twist is, many of those tales were collected in many sets known as […]

Review – Force of Elements Android Bejeweled Match 3 Game

Bejeweled, a classic in its own right, has transcended gaming like every title wishes.  What once started as a single 3.5” floppy disc is now a gaming juggernaut.  As the old saying goes though, the best form of flattery is imitation.  If that is true, what is improving upon the original in nearly every way?  […]

Marvel Puzzle Quest Celebrates Second Anniversary with New Characters and Television Commercial

In today’s gaming world it is becoming rarer and rarer for game publishers to even bother with a traditional television commercial- unless it is a game by King.  Well, the team at D3 Go! have decided to do just that for their title, Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign which is celebrating its second year.  D3 […]

Review: Marvel Puzzle Quest- Dark Reign on Android

Marvel are not scared to license out their characters to game publishers, this forthrightness is probably why there are more games based on Marvel licenses than any other comic book publisher.  Sometimes they are a hit like the PS2/Xbox Spider-Man games and other times they are more of a miss, Captain America and the Avengers […]

Star Trek Wrath of Gems Review, Bejeweled Meets Generations but Better

I have not exactly been the biggest fan of the Star Trek universe, I found a lot of enjoyment in the original when I was younger and Enterprise was fun for me but apparently not many others.  The movie has already explored the whole “what if Kirk and Picard met” story angle and it was, […]

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile on Android Review

Pokemon is a juggernaut in gaming.  That is a fact.  Pokemon is also one of the few franchises that has been able to cross multiple mediums such as movies, cartoons, toys, games, collectible card games, etc, without losing steam as it spread out.  One area that Pokemon has not permeated is the mobile market, no […]

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