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Train Conductor World Review Using ZTE ZMAX 2 Android Phone

The Voxel Agents are a small developer out of Australia that have been doing some really cool things in the mobile world.  For me, they are the epitome of what the mobile gaming market should be- small developers being able to flourish and do games they want to create.  Take the Train Conductor series for […]

Original Angry Birds Receives Major Update, Music by Darude Soundtracks

Remember Angry Birds?  That casual game from 2009 that took mobile gaming into the mainstream better than any title before is getting a major update.  It is only seven years later and Rovio is still adding more content to their first big break out hit title.  Considering this is a big update they are not […]

Android TV Receives Super Phantom Cat, Celebrates Nearly Half Million Downloads Overall

Super Phantom Cat, a title that I reviewed in early May, has just made the leap to Android TV.  Along with this release, Veewo Games is celebrating SPC passing 400,000 downloads overall.  This is great news as many 2D side scrolling action platforming titles simply are ignored on Android and iPhone.  This is an amazing […]

New Game- Spells of Genesis for Android

In App Purchases are becoming more and more prevalent in the mobile world.  That is just a fact of life.  The difference between every other game and Spells of Genesis is the use of the Bitcoin Blockchain to power that in-game economy.  This is an interesting take on an annoying aspect of mobile gaming.  For […]

Review- Bejeweled Stars Android Puzzle Game

When you are Electronic Arts and you hold the rights to a really popular, well known, puzzle game it can be tough to re-invent for new audiences.  The same old Match 3 formula is simply not enough to catch the eyes of today’s more picky gamer.  EA has to do something unique and interesting with […]

Review – Super Phantom Cat Android 2D Platformer

Ah, I complain a lot about the lack of 2D platformers being released today but I am not scared to speak up when one hits.  Super Phantom Cat is exactly that- a 2D platformer for Android devices (it is also on iPhone).  If you are like me and miss the good old days of 2D […]

Google Play Now Labels Games Containing Advertising

There is nothing more annoying than downloading a new game and then having banner advertising or the dreaded “full screen” ad pop up.  Sure, it is accepted with mobile games that if it is free there is something up.  Usually free on mobile means In App Purchases.  Other times free means advertising in the form […]

Review- Avengers Academy for Android (also on iTunes)

The Avengers.  Seems that this group of superheroes can do no wrong for Marvel, at least in theaters.  In comics, things are still swayed quite a bit to the mutants of the X-Men.  Games over the years have not been all that kind to the Avengers though.  During the 8-Bit and 16-Bit era only Batman […]

Mars Mountain Q*Bert Meets Endless Runner on Android iOS

Q*Bert is a retro gaming classic that has stood the test of time.  It is also one of the few classics that is hardly remembered when it comes to remakes and homages.  That is just plain sad.  At least Bulkypix remembers Q*Bert, as evidenced by their upcoming title, Mars Mountain, now available for Android. Carl […]

Fear the Walking Dead Hits iOS in Dead Run, Shadowy Endless Runner

The Walking Dead is a popular television series for AMC.  That is probably an understatement.  The show is so popular that now we have a new spinoff called “Fear the Walking Dead”.  The storyline for Fear the Walking Dead is all about a dysfunctional family trying to escape Los Angeles after things went to hell.  […]

Review- Gods of Rome on Android Using the GDP XD

With the popularity of the God of War games for the Sony Playstation consoles there had to eventually be other titles within that realm.  That is squarely where Gods of Rome is set but this is no action adventure title with quick time events.  No, Gods of Rome is a 3D, but played in a […]

Review: Marvel Puzzle Quest- Dark Reign on Android

Marvel are not scared to license out their characters to game publishers, this forthrightness is probably why there are more games based on Marvel licenses than any other comic book publisher.  Sometimes they are a hit like the PS2/Xbox Spider-Man games and other times they are more of a miss, Captain America and the Avengers […]

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