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Vertigo Racing Review, Spinouts and Cliffs Based Endless Runner

EA Chillingo have a new 3D isometric overhead endless runner that harkens back to the glory days of automobiles.  Vertigo Racing brings 10 classic cars from many eras of cars, if you are a car fan then you will definitely enjoy collecting them all.  I understand that not everyone reading this is a car fan […]

Three Men And A Baby Remake?

Word on the vine is that old classic comedy Three men and a baby is up for a remake. The 1987 movie which starred  Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson was a fantastic movie back in the day, to remake it now would be a mistake. The remake is of course apparently going to take […]

Drop Dead Fred To Be Remade.

I noticed that Drop Dead Fred is to be remade in 2017. I don’t know what the movie industry is thinking with this one, but its safe to say there are going to be many unhappy fans of this movie classic. The late Rik Mayall was the star of the movie playing the awesome character […]

Review- Saving Princess Android Metroid Homage Title

Metroid is a classic. Fact.  There is no real other way to say it.  Nintendo created an amazing action adventure title when they released Metroid.  For years publishers and indie game developers have tried to duplicate the gold that Nintendo struck only to fail miserably in many cases.  Saving Princess is the latest in a […]

Review- Choplifter HD on Android (also Available on Steam)

Classic titles are classics for a reason.  They are usually not convoluted like current titles are.  Controls are simpler, the game in general is often more direct and they are easily picked up and played.  Choplifter is one such classic that was released at the right time in gaming.  The idea is pretty simple, and […]

5 Weird Character Based Kart Racing Games for Android and 1 Edutainment on Wheels Game

Ever since Nintendo released Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo, oh so many years ago, companies have tried to copy that specific formula for success with varying results. Sega is one such company that has tried to take their existing stable of characters and create kart racing games with them as the stars (Sonic […]

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