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Review- Angry Birds Pop for Android

Angry Birds are on the move again.  Previously we saw the Rovio gang of birds travel the world in many variations of the original game.  Then we saw them try their wings at downhill racing, for some reason, rather than full on kart racing.  We also got a role-playing game and eventually the true sequel, Angry Birds 2.  While the sequel did not burn the mobile market alive like the original game series did, it still had respectable numbers.  Now, we see the feathered creatures taking on a new genre.  Bubble popping.  For retro gamers, some popular titles in this genre are and, depending on your gaming exposure – Drop Off on the Turbo Grafx-16.  Angry Birds Pop adds a few things, borrows some others and generally gives the proceedings that “Angry Birds” look that we find recognizable.

The regular “Puzzle Bobble” antics are here in Angry Birds Pop.  You have two balls at the bottom of the screen and along the top are many more balls of various colors.  The object is to simply match at least three balls of the same color.  Matching three balls of the same color causes them to explode and fall off the screen.  Along the bottom are various objects, some levels these are bucket looking things and others they are flowers.  Each one is worth different point values.

Android Angry birds Pop

Using special balls allow for removing many balls at once, no matter the color.  Once you reach the predefined requirement for finishing the level, you move onto the next.  The requirements range from removing all of the bubbles from the screen (some scroll).  Other ways to beat the level is to free the pig who is enclosed by bubbles.

The Angry Birds trappings are here.  From the three star rating when completing a level to the actual mad fowl themselves.  The style of Angry Birds Pop will be familiar to anyone that has played another mobile game- Bubble Witch Saga by King.

There are In App Purchases to worry about here but well, this is Rovio and it is an Angry Birds game.  Keep this in mind if you are planning on just giving younger players a phone or tablet with this game on it.

Angry Birds Pop by Rovio
Platform: Android (reviewed) and iOS)
Device used for review: ZTE Zmax2 (get it on )
Genre: Puzzle
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play and 4+ on iTunes
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

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