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Live out an Orwellian Nightmare in Beholder

Fear, paranoia, mistrust, and a severe lack of privacy in the bathroom! These are all realities faced when you’re presented with an Orwellian nightmare. A world where privacy is a myth and the ever impending threat of death is a wrong step away. But in Beholder, it is you as the player who decides the […]

Vertigo Racing Review, Spinouts and Cliffs Based Endless Runner

EA Chillingo have a new 3D isometric overhead endless runner that harkens back to the glory days of automobiles.  Vertigo Racing brings 10 classic cars from many eras of cars, if you are a car fan then you will definitely enjoy collecting them all.  I understand that not everyone reading this is a car fan […]

Gram Games Released Reverse Tetris Game Called Six! On iPhone and iPad

When you see Tetris pieces you probably think, great another falling block game.  Well, Six! is different.  Gram Games have taken what is now quite an old, and for many tired, genre and turned things around on us.  While there are Tetris pieces on the screen, what you are doing with them is unique and […]

Pilot Perils Soft Launches in Australia and New Zealand

Our friends “down under” are the recipients of the soft launch of an interesting side scrolling game.  Pilot Perils has just been released in New Zealand and Australia for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.  Fans of “retro” inspired gaming will be interested in at least checking out Pilot Perils when it launches […]

Shadowgun Legends Shown at Gamescom 2016

Sure, Destiny is all the rage right now and if you are playing on mobile then you are left in the dark.  That is until now, well when Shadowgun Legends releases anyhow.  Persistent online worlds in the mobile world are nothing new.  We have seen them more than a few times in massively multiplayer online […]

Hacker Creates Android iPhone Case

Android versus iOS is nothing new.  They have been going at it ever since Google purchased the little mobile operating system.  Google runs Android much like Microsoft ran Windows for years except Android is free (you pay for “certification” to use Google services).  Anyhow, Android is quite open to developers- this is why we have […]

Paranormal Society – Hidden Adventure Now Available on iPad

G5 are back with another hidden object title, Paranormal Society- Hidden Adventure, this time for the Apple iPad.  Judging by the information available, hidden object fans are going to be right at home with this title.  Playing on the “spookiness” vibe that is still going strong in other areas of entertainment is a strong point […]

Review- Smurfs Epic Run on Android GDP XD Tablet

I grew up watching reruns of the Smurf cartoon- I didn’t know it was a rerun at the time though.  It was a fun show, one that fit in perfectly with early 80’s style.  There were moral dilemmas, challenges and educational bits but they were masked quite well- just right for young developing minds to […]

Review- Galactic Nemesis on Android, ZTE Maven

Overhead scrolling shooters are a staple of gaming.  They have been around since the early days with Space War on up to modern interpretations on mobile devices.  We have seen new renditions on the idea with titles like Mig 2D and even reboots like Sky Force 2014.  We have seen the classics revived with Raiden […]

The Digital Apocalypse Begins with Apple

Okay, one of the main selling points of the all-digital distribution model was that you could download your games whenever you wanted.  Even if the publisher has removed the game after you purchased it you would still be able to access it (after all, you did pay for it).  Well, soon, that is not going […]

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