Netflix Animation King?

With the recent success of Voltron Legendary Defender, Netflix has been positioning themselves ever greater in animation.  The digital network has more than a few animated shows available, exclusively.  With the debut of Voltron Netflix has continued down a nostalgia filled romp most 30+ year olds will appreciate.

Voltron Legendary Defender brings the “Lion Force” version back to the limelight in North America.  I reviewed it here on Gravis Ludus.  Even if you are a casual fan of the original you will enjoy this reboot.

Inspector Gadget’s reboot is a little less stellar than that of the multi-colored felines.  While I don’t particularly like the “rendered” plastic-y look, I won’t hold it against the show to the point of not recommending it.  Retro gaming fans may remember this coming into style there around Mario Kart 64 on the Nintendo 64.  They seem to have basically updated the gadgets that Penny uses, given her a bigger role and generally kept the fun of the original.

Danger Mouse is much closer to the source material than Inspector Gadget, at least in animation style.  Another interesting pick from Netflix and one that is sadly over looked by many animation fans in North America (could it be the British undertones?).

Netflix also has the rights to do an animated Legend of Zelda series.  This is an interesting choice as the original animated show is regarded with quite a bit of tongue in cheek fun.  It remains to be seen how this reboot will be accepted.  Based on their track record so far, I have no qualms that they will do alright by the source material and fans alike.

Then there is all of the anime that Netflix makes available for subscribers.  They are definitely on the move to expand their animated offerings and I have high hopes for it.  What is your favorite Netflix original?

Carl Williams

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