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Jigglypuff Pokemon Toy – Free Crochet Pattern

My 3-year-old son is a huge Pokémon fan and is always asking for Pokémon toys. I was looking on Ebay with him and we came across a Jigglypuff soft toy but the price was ridiculous, instead I decided I would make him one. Safe to say he is one very happy little boy right now. […]

Real Pokeball Throwing For Pokemon Go?

So most of us have and play the app game Pokémon go and if not have at least tried it. I myself am a little addicted to the game and I am constantly on my phone whenever I go anywhere in case I spot a Pokémon I haven’t caught yet. Pokémon go has been a […]

Crochet a Pokeball – Free Pattern.

Easy and simple craft for any crochet fanatic, whether your experienced or beginner. The pokeball will be perfect for any lover of Pokémon. I made a number of these for my son who is Pokémon crazy. A lot of people are also making these and leaving them at pokestops for game players to find. Have […]

China Receives Unofficial Pokemon GO

If you don’t understand how strict China is on gaming then let me fill you in.  They are strict.  So strict that a lot of gaming companies don’t bother to localize their games for this market.  China is also quite lenient on knock-offs and just plain old rip off items so there is a huge […]

Deus Ex GO Launches on Android and iPhone

Square Enix have been working on unique mobile experiences for fans of Hitman and Tomb Raider for a fair bit now.  They have taken those classic franchises and pretty much changed everything fans knew about how to play them and created new experiences.  These games have had the word “GO” added to them long before […]

Night Terrors Takes Pokemon GO to Hell

Okay, playing Pokemon GO is all nice and good.  A lot of people are finding it to be fun and interesting.  There are people meeting new people, supporting local businesses and more while playing.  That is all fine and dandy.  What about those amongst us that enjoy a good scare from time to time?  The […]

New Jersey Hospital Potentially Sees Pokemon GO Related Hit and Run Accident

Pokemon GO is a popular new game that has millions of players out and about in their cities trying to catch them all.  This app has also seen a darker side come about since its release, some of which we have covered here on Gravis Ludus.  It has come to our attention that this game […]

Was Society Ready For Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has been out for nearly a month. During this short amount of time the quantity of headlines where people were injured while playing PG has skyrocketed. Media outlets everywhere have gone crazy featuring people who claim that Pokémon Go was responsible for their mishaps. But, this raises multiple questions such: Dash BomberDash The […]

Pokémon Go Crisis!

According to the internet Pokémon Go will soon be more responsible for deaths than the Ebola Virus did in the United States. This is because if we were to go by the number of fake reports mixed in with the real ones that just happened to involve Pokémon Go you would be forgiven for thinking […]

Pokemon GO Windows 10 Mobile Fan Port Released

Pokemon GO is a phenomenon. You either love it or you have no idea what the fuss is about.  There is really no middle ground.  A lot of fans though have complained that Pokemon GO is not available for Windows Phone.  Now, it is.  At least for Windows 10 Mobile and if you are willing […]

3 Ways Technology is Being Misused

It is the work of science fiction movies.  Technology created to do good for mankind but is somehow twisted to something else.  We have seen this time and time again over the years but these are three of the most horrendous misuses of technology that we could find. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism takes […]

PokeDates – Pokemon GO Dating Service Launched Today

Yes, you read that right.  Today we saw the launch of a dating service focused on Pokemon GO.  The PokeDates service looks to bring together gamers that are into the hugely popular social media game.  The question is, are you sick of Pokemon GO yet?  Would you use a dating service like this?  Read on […]

5 Positive Things Pokemon GO Has Done So Far

Pokemon GO is a popular game.  That is probably an accepted fact now.  While we have covered things a little here and there here on Gravis Ludus I figure it is time to show the good that Pokemon GO has done so far.  You know, since everyone is focusing on stabbings, muggings, wrecks and other […]

Pokémon Go and Niantic Don’t Want Your Info.

Recently it was discovered by users of the popular app Pokémon Go on iOS that the game requests full access to you Google account. Multiple websites such as Kotaku and Popsci have covered these news already. The guys here at Gravis Ludus decided to investigate these rumors and actually managed to find some very interesting […]

Are Pokemon GO, and Other Apps and Games, Spying on You Right Now?

In today’s world it is nothing new for apps and games to ask for certain permissions upon installing them.  Many ask for you to connect to social media or sign in with an e-mail address.  While these requests may seem reasonable- you want to be able to brag to friends on Facebook/Twitter about your successes […]

Pokemon GO Used to Lure Victims in Armed Robbery

It is a dark day in gaming when something that is supposed to be fun and entertaining is used by criminals to hurt others.  This is what has started happening already in the United States.  There have been confirmed armed robberies in Missouri (confirmed via the Police Department).  How bad will this be for unsuspecting […]

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