Former WWE Superstar Debuts in UFC

When you are a WWE Superstar you are elevated to a whole new level in the entertainment business.  No other genre of entertainment gives fans the level of access to the stars as WWE does.  This helps fans grow closer and more supportive of certain stars and when this happens it almost becomes a movement of many magnitudes of support.  Wrestlers have a very physical job that is coupled with some very dangerous gymnastics to make their matches appear wild and dangerous while protecting each other at the same time.  WWE Superstars are not actually supposed to hurt each other, the winner is usually predetermined and the moves are called in the ring to that end.  UFC is nothing like that.  Recently, a former WWE Superstar learned that first hand in his debut fight.

Phil Brooks, also known as CM Punk, made his debut in the octagon at UFC 203.  When CM Punk left WWE in 2014 it was at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio which was coincidentally the location of his debut in UFC.  Punk’s opponent, Mickey Gall, leaves the fight with a UFC fighting record of 3-0.  Punk still has a 0-0 record after over a year of promotions and even a documentary of his efforts to prepare for this fight.  Hyped much?

Punk was taken down in the first round of the fight via submission to the rear naked choke hold that Mickey Gall applied after a short physical bout.  Some wrestling guys can fight, legitimately fight.  Guys like Undertaker in his younger days or Brock Lesnar more recently are capable of holding their own in a real fight.  UFC fighting is not for everyone and it seems that CM Punk learned that the hard way – too bad it was at the expense of a lot of money promoting his debut and him letting down the fans that tuned in expecting a different ending to the match.  At the end of the day there is always going to be someone bigger and badder than you- CM Punk met that person in his first match.  No shame in that.  He went through with the fight and lost- how he handles that loss is the true telling of his character.  In the interview embedded above CM Punk seems humble and reserved- definitely different than his WWE style.  What matters in situations like this are your support group.  From what I have seen and read, Brooks is in a good place- let’s see where he goes from here.

If you want to watch UFC 203 in its entirety, order it on the site now.

Punk fan or not, what did you think of the fight?

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