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Microsoft, Windows Phone and Fixing the Problem

It is no secret that Microsoft is losing the cell phone battle.  The Windows Phone platform is not taking off and is barely holding on now.  There are many problems that Microsoft needs to fix to right the ship but will they?  From lack of advertising to no exclusive apps, Windows Phone is in dire […]

Bing Update Brings Camera Search Function

Microsoft has been working hard to add functionality to their search engine- Bing.  The main concern that Microsoft supporters have is that it seems the Apple iPhone is the defacto platform for these updates, at least early in the cycle.  This latest Bing Update is no different.  This update is going out first to Apple iPhone […]

Microsoft Takes the Gloves Off with Cortana in Windows 10

For years Microsoft has watched as competitors fought dirty.  Sure, Microsoft is no angel in business but they catch a lot more flack than they deserve.  One instance is the backlash they are receiving for blocking third-party browsers, in use with Cortana, in the latest Windows 10 update.  This is something that is common place […]

Microsoft Office Lens Updated, Handwriting OCR Rotation Added

Microsoft continues their dedication to the mobile market with a new update to Microsoft Office Lens.  Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the big addition in this update.  For many that may seem like an insignificant update.  Just think about this, the OCR option in Microsoft Office Lens recognizes hand written words, not just clearly typed […]

Microsoft Releases Keyboard Replacement App for iPhone Users

Microsoft has quickly become the “Sega” of the mobile market.  They are attempting to support too many platforms at once.  The big problem they face is the same one that Sega faced in the mid 90’s.  They have replicated this problem again more recently by adding mobile to the mix.  What platform gets what?  Microsoft […]

Xbox One Slim Model Looming, Hints of All New Console Filed with FCC?

According to a couple of recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filings by Microsoft, the Xbox One platform may be getting updated.  While the rumor mill is up and running at full speed on their being a new Playstation 4, called “Neo” at this time, possibly seeing release this year, the Xbox crowd has been rather […]

Windows Phone Sales Decline, Who is to Blame?

It is no secret that Microsoft has had a hell of a time getting people to buy their Windows Phone products.  There are many reasons for this, most notably the late entry into the cell phone market.  While most people were discovering the iPhone, Microsoft was still offering PDA style devices that just happen to […]

Microsoft Continues Support of Linux with Windows 10 Integration

Microsoft has been slowly but surely supporting Linux more and more.  Over the years, particularly in the early days, Microsoft had only offered patches to the kernel or key software.  Eventually we would see Microsoft release Linux versions of Visual Studio and their SQL Server software.  Then Microsoft accepted Red Hat Linux for the popular […]

Microsoft Drops Bitcoin, Others Picking Up Slack

Microsoft recently announced they are no longer accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.  This is effective immediately in Windows 10 App Store and Windows 10 Mobile App Store, though the change has not affected Xbox One yet (as of this writing).  This is sad as Microsoft has been accepting Bitcoin since December 2014- no […]

Microsoft Enters the Linux Market

It is apparent that Microsoft is definitely going through changes.  For one, they have started discussing, publicly, Linux in a positive light.  Anyone that has been involved in any kind of tech or gaming on personal computers any length of time will probably realize that is a new angle for Microsoft.  In decades past, Microsoft […]

Cortana Included in Cyanogen OS 12.1.1, USA Only

It is no secret that Microsoft are working on various Android apps.  They have ported their popular Office 365 over, they have even released Cortana.  They have also released an Android launcher for people wanting to get a little more done with their Google device.  Now, working with Cyanogen Cortana is included in OS version […]

Should Microsoft Enter the World of Linux with Office 365?

Linux is, and will probably always be, a thorn in the side of Microsoft.  There are plenty of variations of the free operating system that do a ton of different things. With that variety comes trouble in getting anything done unless you are quite adept at the command line (I will wait for the flame […]

Microsoft Band 2 Announced, More Comfortable and Brings Cortana to Your Wrist

For many the first Microsoft Band was a great little wearable that is probably quite instrumental in their daily lives, not just for exercise.  We are getting closer and close to the “Dick Tracy” watch where everything you need is contained within, rather than having to tether with a cell phone for additional functionality.  The […]

Microsoft’s Continuum, or How Your Windows Phone Could Replace Your Computer

Microsoft has been kind of the butt of a lot of jokes over the last couple of years following their acquisition of Nokia.  They have taken the beatings in the press and virtually ignored naysayers as they worked on Windows 10 and the universal app innovation and continued to release cheap, low-end, Lumia Windows Phones […]

Lumia 950 and 950 XL are Microsoft’s new Windows Phone Flagship Devices

It has been a longtime waiting since we last heard from Microsoft as far as a new flagship Windows Phone device.  The last Windows Phone flagship device that we saw was prior to the Nokia buyout by Microsoft, about two years ago.  That is an incredibly long time in the mobile market to go without […]

Next Lock Screen by Microsoft and why it should be on Your Android Device Right Now

I recently covered a few Microsoft apps that would definitely help a busy professional with their daily life.  Today, I am writing about the latest Next Lock Screen by Microsoft.  While there are other lock screens available that have a lot of functionality but the Next Lock Screen does it extremely well and adds other […]

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