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Pokémon Go Crisis!

According to the internet Pokémon Go will soon be more responsible for deaths than the Ebola Virus did in the United States. This is because if we were to go by the number of fake reports mixed in with the real ones that just happened to involve Pokémon Go you would be forgiven for thinking that this game deserves its own murder record. From car crashes to toddlers being abandoned in an empty house while his parents played Pokémon Go there is a plethora of news available on the internet.

But, why go through all the trouble of searching for all of these yourself? The writers here at GL decided to compile a list of news that made us go “wow” when we read them along with a brief summary. Keep in mind a lot of these are unverified and those which aren’t verified will carry an asterisk at the end.

Man accidentally urinates on child while playing PG: according to this report it appears that a man had a child run into him as he tried to urinate. This resulted in the child getting a golden shower while his dad laughed and his mother became concerned. There were no charges and apparently aside from a scarred ego nobody was harmed in the incident.*

Woman playing Pokémon Go was killed in a hit and run in Australia. As the headlines explain the woman was playing PG during the night and was run over by a vehicle which did not stop afterwards. The sad thing is while this is attributed to PG the woman in fact was not looking at her phone when this happened. It was safely tucked in her pocket as she crossed the street and the vehicle failed to stop. But, everyone and their mothers seem to want to pin the blame on the game for some reason.

In Japan a man was arrested for assaulting a woman who was playing Pokémon Go after he mistakenly believed she took a picture of him.

Another incident involved a company worker running his vehicle into a line of cars as he played while driving.

A student crashed his bike into another as he played while riding. A college student in Nagoya had a bag stolen from her while she played.

A Pokémon Go Player crashed his car into a tree while playing in Auburn.*

In Alabama a player was robbed at gunpoint as he was playing Pokémon Go.

A similar accident happened in Arizona, but this was the repercussion for a prank gone awry (I bet that kid will think twice about being making an ass out of himself).

Parents abandoned their 2 year old to go out and play Pokémon Go.

Driver hits an Alabama police vehicle while playing Pokémon Go.

*This article is a work in progress. We will continue to update this list as reports mount of everything that has happened with PG* during its first few month*

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