New Jersey Hospital Potentially Sees Pokemon GO Related Hit and Run Accident

Pokemon GO is a popular new game that has millions of players out and about in their cities trying to catch them all.  This app has also seen a darker side come about since its release, some of which we have covered here on Gravis Ludus.  It has come to our attention that this game may have possibly been the cause of a hit and run accident near a New Jersey hospital that happens to be not only a Pokemon Gym but also in close proximity of a popular Pokestop.

The Cape Regional Medical Center is a Pokemon Gym and popular location for players to congregate and attempt capturing the digital creatures.  Across the street from the hospital is the Police Highway Tour Memorial, a popular Pokestop.  Pokestops are places where players can visit and have their turn at winning prizes in the game including more Pokeballs (used to capture Pokemon) or other in game items of value.

This accident apparently occurred in the morning hours of August 9th, 2016 in the parking lot of the .  When a driver of an SUV allegedly hit another person and left the area.  We were alerted to this situation by an anonymous source, we are pursuing the police report now.

The hospital is a gym that is a greatly fought over location in Pokemon GO.  Holding gyms is a hotly sought after action in Pokemon GO as it helps your team, your character and your Pokemon.  Nearby is a bus stop that is known for Pokemon lures being left nearby, again causing an abundant number of players to congregate there.  This is a busy area due to traffic alone, couple that with distracted driving and players collecting in the area and it is bound to cause safety problems.

While playing Pokemon GO, please be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.  If you are operating a vehicle please don’t play with your phone.

Carl Williams

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