What Will Halloween Returns 2017 Bring Us?

Horror fans all over the world would have heard by now that there is a new Halloween movie in the works to be released in 2017. No doubt the movie will be released in October of course keeping within the right month for its name. So what do we know about it?

Word around town is that this movie will actually continue  from John Carpenter’s original franchise. Bloody Disgusting confirmed that Marcus Dustan,  The Collector director of and a writer behind a few of the Saw movies, will direct the Halloween reboot, titled Halloween Returns. Now the last we heard the title was called Halloween: The Next Chapter, which seems not to be the case anymore or was misinformation.

Halloween Returns is apparently said to be a stand alone movie that will introduce younger audiences to the classic horror movie and well-known killer Michael Myers. The story will pick up years on from his first reign of terror and will introduce a new casting member to hide behind the mask of our knife happy Michael.

The plot is going to see Michael Myers on death row, when two kids sneak themselves in to watch his execution. obviously, things go wrong and Michael escapes, which puts the kids and their friends right in the middle of his rampage. Its been said that one of the characters playing a central role will be the 18-year-old child of one of Michael’s victims, while another will be the child of a cop crazy, obsessed with the mad man’s case.

The casting for Halloween returns has just began, we’re still hoping for at least some returning players to pop back in for a scare or two. Jamie Lee Curtis, is a favourite to come back, assuming she gets killed off early in Scream Queens.

Who is looking forward to this one? I know I am!




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