5 Positive Things Pokemon GO Has Done So Far

Pokemon GO is a popular game.  That is probably an accepted fact now.  While we have covered things a little here and there here on Gravis Ludus I figure it is time to show the good that Pokemon GO has done so far.  You know, since everyone is focusing on stabbings, muggings, wrecks and other problems that are being blamed on the game.  Here are five good things that the game has done in the world.

  • People are exercising and getting out of their homes

Okay, for some this could be a bad thing.  Maybe some people should stay home and not move about the world.  Those people are the ones that are walking off cliffs, into traffic, causing wrecks and the like.  Look, if you can’t focus on the real world and play the game then maybe, just maybe, you need to pick one or the other and stick to it.  The real world is not for everyone as it is.

For the rest that are getting actual exercise and finding a way to pay attention to the real world without causing problems, this entry is for you.  A lot of people are reporting losing weight and getting in shape.  There is even a guide to getting the recommended 10,000 daily steps in while playing Pokemon GO.

  • Criminals are inadvertently turning themselves in to police

Yes, you read that title right.  There are reports here and there of criminals with outstanding warrants and other legal problems finding themselves walking right into police stations while playing Pokemon GO.  One such criminal with an outstanding arrest warrant found himself walking into the Milford Michigan police department because it was listed as a Pokemon Gym.

  • Pokemon GO is more popular than porn

Depending on your stance on porn, this could be a good or bad thing.  Either way, this is something churches and mothers have been trying to accomplish since the invention of porn, and failed.  Pokemon GO dethroned porn as the most popular thing on Internet search engines such as Google.

  • People are earning money with Uber style service

Yep, while Uber is popular for those that can get in with the service, it is not for everyone.  Sometimes you just want to make a few bucks on the weekend.  There are people charging $10 to $20+ an hour to drive others around to Pokestops and Pokemon gyms.  This is possibly not safe and also not for everyone but it is interesting that players are doing this.  Shop around as this gets more popular- some drivers even offer free Wi-Fi and phone chargers and even additional tablets/phones for technology lacking riders.  Just as with playing the game, when doing this, please be careful and stay safe.

  • People are breaking out tech skills

Sure, this could be considered cheating since Pokemon GO is all about getting people out of their homes and walking around.  Some tech savvy players are whipping up drones coupled with cell phones and computers to play the game without leaving their homes.  Okay, call it cheating all you want but think about this- this is a great way for people with disabilities to still be able to enjoy the game even with limited mobility.


Carl Williams

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