3 Ways Technology is Being Misused

It is the work of science fiction movies.  Technology created to do good for mankind but is somehow twisted to something else.  We have seen this time and time again over the years but these are three of the most horrendous misuses of technology that we could find.

Yeah, that is right.  A 3D printer was put to use to create a replica of a dead man’s phone.  This man was murdered but the body is apparently not available to the police to simply use his finger to unlock the phone.  Instead the police, using prints from a previous booking or something of the deceased (it is not clear as this is an ongoing investigation) to have a finger printed at the Michigan State University.  These 3D printed fingers will be coated with a thin layer of metallic particles in hopes of duplicating the feel that electronic finger print scanners look for in a living person’s finger.

This one is not all that much “misused” in that it is going to hurt someone (unless the drone causes trouble somehow).  Rather this one is defeating the purpose of Pokemon GO- to get out, walk around your area and just enjoy the game.  Basically through the use of an Android cell phone, a computer and a drone this guy is capturing Pokemon in the popular game without leaving his rooftop perch.  How this could be misused is for more perverted reasons- such as looking in on neighbors in compromising situations or generally being annoying to the community.

Yep.  Microsoft is collecting your user data including, but not limited to, e-mails, voice related data, search history, installed programs, and more.  Why?  Most would say because it is Microsoft.  Others would defend the practice- they are giving you an operating system for free after all.  No matter what side of the fence you fall on, Microsoft is not the only one doing it.  Apple and Google and Amazon do it too…

Got a tip on technology not doing good in the lives of people?  Let us know!

Carl Williams

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