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Beauty and the Beast cast is Looking Pretty Epic. Also Get your Eyes Around the Teaser Trailer

By now you are all would have heard that the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast is getting a Live-Action remake. It seems the more we learn about this live-action version of the 1756 French tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, the more intriguing it’s beginning to sound. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all […]

James Bond Movie Cancelled Untill 2018. You Won’t Believe Why!

The new James Bond movie has been faced with a huge set back due to talks that Daniel Craig could be taking on the new movie himself before handing over the role. Daniel Craig fans, it’s time to get excited as I bring you the latest scoop. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about […]

Disney Live Action Movie Snow White Being Made

So as we know there are a lot of Disney remakes going around. Well this time they are playing around with the Walt Disney classic Snow White but it will be going by the name Rose Red. As you guessed from the title it will be another Disney live action adaption, but they are said […]

Role Reversal For 80’s Classic Splash

Ok so I don’t really agree with remakes that often, but when it comes to Channing Tatum as a topless hunky merman, then hell yes I’m all over it. It’s another role reversal movie, but girls come on … Channing Tatum! Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If there is a […]

Death House Cast And Trailer

The horror movie industry lost one of its greats when the original Leatherface Gunnar Hansen passed away last year, but one of his final wishes before he passed has been realized through the production on Death House. A movie based on a story by Hansen himself. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the […]

The Labyrinth Set For Remake Or Sequel? Either Way WTF

Now I know this is not a remake movie because if it was that would be a damn disgrace, but come on! We don’t want a Labyrinth sequel for god sake, maybe years ago when the late David Bowie was with us yes. This movie will never need a continual so let it be. […]

Stephen King’s Kinky Horror Erotica Novel Is Becoming A Movie

For those who didn’t know, Stephen King once wrote a very erotic horror novel and that said novel is now being turned into a movie adaption. Looks like 50 shades of grey better watch out. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If there is a story to be told I […]

What Will Halloween Returns 2017 Bring Us?

Horror fans all over the world would have heard by now that there is a new Halloween movie in the works to be released in 2017. No doubt the movie will be released in October of course keeping within the right month for its name. So what do we know about it? Hey everyone, […]

Cliffhanger Is Going To Go Through A Make Over

Craftymumthingz writes – I don’t know if this is true or not but, word on the movie grape-vine is that the Sylvester Stallone 1993 movie Cliffhanger is going to be going through a remake. I have said this a million times, but I am going to say it again, come up with new movie plots […]

Upcoming Remakes That Will Make You Think – Oh God Why Bother

Yes I know Remakes are coming out of the woodwork from every direction. They are like a wild spreading virus, that you just cant protect yourself from. Today while scoping the net, I found a few remakes said to be made that have made me think – Oh God why bother. Hey everyone, I’m […]

With Friday The 13th Movie Comes The Game Too

Calling all horror and gaming fans we all have something quite special on its way! Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If there is a story to be told I will tell it. I’m a stay at home mum who loves all things Crafty hence the name Craftymumthingz. Hope you […]

Goonies Remake – Back Away From The Classic!

Craftymumthingz writes – Ok so it’s apparent that the movie industry have no new ideas what so ever, considering remakes are spreading from every nook and cranny like a zombie virus in a small town. Its getting ridiculous now and highly annoying. Then to want to remake The Goonies, are they having a laugh or […]

Little Shop Of Horrors Remake – Are They Serious

Come on! Everywhere I look there is remakes coming out the woodwork left, right and center. Now they are planning on destroying another perfect movie classic with a Little Shop Of Horrors Remake. Here is why they should just leave it alone. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If there […]

Is Child’s Play 7 Ever Going To Happen?

For years now we have been teased with the return of Chucky, is it every going to happen? Lots of horror movie fanatics would love to see this happen. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If there is a story to be told I will tell it. I’m a stay […]

My Opinion On I Know What You Did Last Summer Reboot

I don’t know if everyone knows this yet but the 90s movie I Know What You Did Last Summer is set for a remake. If you grew up in the 90s then this movie news will either have to excited or angry, only you can decide. I chose team excited because the movie could be […]

What I Know About The Interview With A Vampire Remake So Far

A lot of you will now know that Interview With a Vampire is being remade made. Yup another remake what a surprise! I have to admit as much as remakes get on my last nerve, I am curious about this one. I am Vampire obsessed after all. This is what I found out about the […]

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