Upcoming Remakes That Will Make You Think – Oh God Why Bother

Yes I know Remakes are coming out of the woodwork from every direction. They are like a wild spreading virus, that you just cant protect yourself from. Today while scoping the net, I found a few remakes said to be made that have made me think – Oh God why bother.

Creature From The Black Lagoon:

I actually put my hand on my head and let out a big sigh for this one. Seriously why the hell are the movie industry even bothering. Come up with your own monster movie! Universal is putting together a new take of this movie. Its been said that Scarlett Johansson is going to be playing the part of the scientist who discovers the Creature on an expedition. Currently scripting the movie is Jeff Pinkner, who worked on the screenplay for The Amazing Spiderman 2. Dear God get a grip people, are we really this desperate… I think not.

The Blob:

Omg I didn’t think it could get any worse but apparently it can. Con Air director Simon West is promising to harness the power and potential of modern CGI, with his take on The Blob. A release could be happening as soon as 2017, (urrg) with Goldcrest funding the project. OMG what on earth are these people thinking!

The Invisible Man:

Universal are pushing ahead with their own big screen  The Invisible Man remake as part of their monster based cinematic universe. Johnny Depp is said to be staring in this movie. Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan will produce this awful idea of a movie.

Masters Of The Universe:

He-Man has no place in this modern-day world. most of us grew up watching the cartoons and when you think about it they were terrible. Kick Ass 2 and Pirates Of The Caribbean script writers have been said to be behind this one. Its been said that Christopher Yost best known for Thor is said to have been hired for the project. Honestly just stop and come up with something original!


Hello! Massive vampire fan here but why bother with this terrible movie. I may end up eating my words when this one comes out, but then again I might not. Its being reworked by studio 8, it is still early days for the project yet but apparently Dave Eggers (The Witch) is said to be directing this movie.




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