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The Lost Boys Series, Will Hopefully Have Some Bite

All fellow Vampire lovers out there are sure to know by now, that the greatest vampire movie in history is set for a TV series. The CW are the ones doing The Lost Boys series and not a moment too soon, as we sadly say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries later this year. Although I […]

7 Greatest Delena Moments from Each season So Far

Well I am seriously a sobbing mess right now. Looking back over The Vampire Diaries and decided we needed a tribute to 7 years so far with some beautiful Delena moments. Each episode still gives my butterflies in my very core. With the last season fast approaching I want to thank The Vampire Diaries For […]

Why The Vampire Diaries Tops Twilight Any Day

So there is a lot of comparing that has been going on over the years about Twilight and The Vampire Diaries being the same. Can I just say both are cool but its apparent Stephenie Meyer did copy L. J. Smith on the story line. “The Vampire Diaries” came first. The “Vampire Diaries” book series, […]

Season 8 Of TVD May Not Be The Last Time We See Damon Salvatore

Ok so just found some amazing, juicy gossip which I want to share with all you Vampire Diaries fans, but most of all you Damon Salvatore fans out there. Hey everyone, I’m sophie ans so far I am the only girl writer here at Gravis Ludus. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If there […]

Will The Vampire Diaries End With Elena Having No Memory Of Damon And Stefan?

With the rumors flying left, right and center about Nina Dobrev’s come back to The Vampire Diaries its hard to know what to believe. Fans of the series have been looking forward to seeing Nina Dobrev again in the series especially if the series is heading to its end for good. Hey everyone, I’m […]

What I Know About The Interview With A Vampire Remake So Far

A lot of you will now know that Interview With a Vampire is being remade made. Yup another remake what a surprise! I have to admit as much as remakes get on my last nerve, I am curious about this one. I am Vampire obsessed after all. This is what I found out about the […]

Will Elena Save Evil Damon The Vampire Diaries

Since The Vampire Diaries wrapped its seventh season, we’re still finding stray goosebumps that were left behind from discovering Damon and Enzo’s fate. That final shot of Damon and Enzo stringing up the bodies of their (countless) victims will likely continue to haunt us until the series returns for Season 8. Hey everyone, I’m sophie […]

Nina Dobrev Is Becoming Part Of The Originals As Kathrine Pierce

When The Vampire Diaries Season 8 comes to an end. The CW confirmed that the network is already talking with the actress for her return in the series finale, but a recent report suggests that Dobrev may join “The Originals” as Kathrine Pierce? WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! Hey everyone, I’m sophie ans so far I […]

Vampire Diaries How They Looked Then And Now

Hey everyone I started thinking about the pilot episode of our beloved The Vampire Diaries and started thinking, these guys have played the same roles going on 7 years now. I though to myself how fun it would be to do a comparison of our favourite TVD cast/characters. Lets take a look shall we? Hey […]

Breaking News for TVD Fans Everywhere… The Rumors Were Wrong!

To all you fellow The Vampire Diaries fans out there worldwide it has just come to light that despite the rumours and speculations flying the truth has been uncovered for all hoping to see Nina Dobrevs return. It looks like the young actress has pushed through with her promise of returning as new reports say that […]

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