With Friday The 13th Movie Comes The Game Too

Calling all horror and gaming fans we all have something quite special on its way!

Developer Gun Media just dropped another trailer for the much-anticipated Friday the 13th game. The masked, mad man Jason Voorhees is back with some brutal axe-wielding action.

The game will be playable on the pc, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Based on a statement the new friday the 13th game will feature 8 player multiplayer mode. One of the game players gets to control the serial killer Jason Vorhees himself while the others will play as camp counselors who must survive the night. The game will be a third person asymmetrical title set in the semi open world of Camp Crystal Lake.

Developers of the game are very confident that horror fans are going to love this game, they are saying it’s a classic horror fans dream. There will be no annoying shaky cameras, no found footage and it will be simply revitalizing the golden era of slashers where a player gets full control of each blood churning, horrific blood shedding moment.

The new footage shows you some of the most brutal animations designed by Tom Savini, who also worked on the original Friday The 13th movie as a stuntman. The trailer is even set to Crazy Lixx’s song XIII which perfectly captures the spirit of the glam metal songs from popular ’80s horror films.

WARNING: The newly-released trailer is definitely not for the fainthearted, safe to say my heart was in my throat watching it, As it shows Jason mercilessly killing his victims. It has so much gore, screaming, eye gouging, skull bashing, and even a vivid scene of a victim having a pick axe to the neck. Talk about a gore fest it was like saw 1.0 lol. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.






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