Are They Keeping Evan Peters Until the Big Twist in Episode 6? – American Horror Story

American Horror Story fans all over will be happy to know that Dandy Mott with be entering the new season in episode 4. Could they be saving Evan Peters for the apparent big twist in episode 6? I think this just may be the case.

Episode one showed us a couple moving into a haunted house after having a miscarriage – sound familiar? It should considering this is exactly what happened in the first ever season of American Horror Story. It could just be coincidence but… then we look at episode 2.

In episode 2 we find out more about the Nurses who went crazy and embarked on a murderous killing spree. What’s the bet it turns out that they went to the asylum from season 2 which is why they were never seen again. My bet is that the crazy doctor got his hands on them inside the asylum which is how they were never found.

In episode 3 when psychic Cricket Marlow showed up in the Millers’ home, I immediately recognized actor Leslie Jordan who had previously played Quentin Fleming on season 3 (Coven). Although, American Horror Story tends to recycle actors in new roles all the time so I thought nothing of it. Marlow tells the confused home owners a bit about himself to make them feel more at ease, including that he hails from New Orleans. It was a passing comment that could amount to nothing, but I couldn’t shake that statement for the remainder of the episode because Coven was primarily set in New Orleans.

That leaves us with next week’s episode which is going to bring back Dandy Mott, according to Inquisiter. As fans know Dandy was a big part of season 4 (Freak Show) so that leaves us then with someone from season 5 (Hotel) somehow popping up in episode 5 which no doubt will be Vampires but we will have to wait and see if I am right on that one.

So where is Evan? My guess is that they are saving the best for the big twist. FX are far from stupid they know how bad fans want to see Evan Peters in the show, and see who he is playing this time around. All we know so far is that he’s ginger! Sneaky FX kept the show’s season under wraps very well with many misleading promos and very clever so-called leaks. So why wouldn’t they save the best for last just to keep us on our toes.

What do you guys think? Do you think I could be right?


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  • J A H

    Is each season a new story? I watched a few – loved season 1, didn’t think season 2 was as good and I might have got about halfway through season 3 before giving up on it completely. I was never for sure what was going on after season 1. So I didn’t know if each season some how related to one another or if they were new.

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