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Jeepers Creepers Cathedral is Finally Going into Production This Year

Jeepers Creepers Cathedral  is finally going into production after a lot of setbacks. Fans of the horror movies have been looking forward to the 3rd installment for quite some time now. The director working on the movie has finally announced some important details about the new Jeepers Creepers movie. Get the news and updates right […]

Best Horror Movies of 2016 So Far

2015 wasn’t a very good year for horror movies, but it seems this year the movie industry has come back fighting on the horror front. It’s only the beginning of October and so far we have had some pretty good horror movies already. If you haven’t had a chance to watch these movies yet then […]

Creepy Horror Quotes That Chill us to the Bone

Halloween will soon be upon us. So I thought we could look back at some chilling movie quotes to get us in the Halloween spirit. There have been some creepy ass movies over the years, and with them came some memorable creepy quotes which many of us won’t have forgotten. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. […]

Pretty Little Liars News – Are You Ready to Say Goodbye?

The Pretty Little Liars cast are almost finished their filming of the very last episodes in 7B. The rest of the show will air April next year then that’s it for our Liars. We will finally know all the answers to our questions but most of all we will know who über A is. Are […]

The Originals Season 4 – Speculations and First Look Trailer.

The Originals are in the middle of filming Season 4, and fans can’t wait to see how things are going to unfold. There is so much speculation around the show at the moment due to The Vampire Diaries coming to an end and talks of there being a big cast cross over. Hey everyone, […]

Halloween Movie for Vampire Fang-natics

For some people Halloween is all about the gore, ghosts and ghouls, but not for me. Like myself there are a lot of vampire fanatics (Fang-natics) out there, who love nothing more than a great vampire movie. So fellow vamp lovers, I bring you the Ultimate Vampire Fang-natics’ Halloween Movie Guide. Hey everyone, I’m […]

Producers are Desperate for Daniel Craig to Stay as James Bond

Despite the amount of actors ready to take on the role, the makers of the James Bond films are desperate for Daniel Craig to return, according to one executive producer. Will they convince him to say though? Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If there is a story to be […]

This Vampire Novel Series Needs a TV Adaption

The movie industry seems to be all about the remakes lately. Which is sad really as there is so much opportunity out there, if they just look. If in doubt I say, pick up a book and look at what is around you. Vampire fans everywhere are just dying for more bloodsucker action to hit […]

Klaus to Be Saved By His Ultimate Love Caroline in The Originals Season 4

The Vampire Diaries and The Originals are rumoured to be having a big cross over. There has been a lot of speculation about who is going to go over to The Originals, when “TVD’s” last ever episode is done. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV scoop. If there is a story […]

Timeless Movies Which are Still Amazing Today

Lets hope the movie industry don’t get their claws into this list of fantastic timeless classics. These movies will forever stand the test of time just the way they are. The fact that these movies are still watched over and over to this day makes them a classic. Lets take a look at the list. […]

Why the First Halloween Movie Can’t Be Beat

As we know Michael Myers started off as a little kid in a clown costume who killed his sister with a butcher’s knife. I bet John Carpenter never realised when he made the first movie in 1978, that the story of Michael Myers would then span over 3 decades. Michael Myers has been deep in […]

Moments in The Vampire Diaries When We Said OMG! Part One

Fans everywhere are aware that when The Vampire Diaries do a storyline they do it just right. They have always given us just the right amount of love story, drama and heartbreak, they have also managed to successfully shock us to the very core at times. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the […]

Are They Keeping Evan Peters Until the Big Twist in Episode 6? – American Horror Story

American Horror Story fans all over will be happy to know that Dandy Mott with be entering the new season in episode 4. Could they be saving Evan Peters for the apparent big twist in episode 6? I think this just may be the case. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the movie/TV […]

Halloween DIY Hanging Decorations

October is my favourite month of the year, with Halloween just around the corner it’s time to get extra crafty. I made these stunning, low cost Halloween decorations with my children today. They don’t take too much time so can be done at the last minute if need be. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m […]

Is Nina Dobrev Coming Back to The Vampire Diaries Season 8 or Not?

There is a whole load of speculation going around about whether Nina Dobrev will be making an appearance in the show’s final season or not. It’s hard to know who to believe at this point with so many rumours doing their rounds. It would be nice to have her back, but it’s hard to say […]

Some of the Best TV Shows: Halloween Special Episodes

It’s October, which means Halloween is nearly here! With no end of movies to enjoy this October I thought we could look at the most popular TV shows which have brought us fantastic Halloween Specials. Since there are more than you can imagine, I thought I would tell you my favourite ones. Hey everyone, […]

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