Halloween DIY Hanging Decorations

October is my favourite month of the year, with Halloween just around the corner it’s time to get extra crafty. I made these stunning, low cost Halloween decorations with my children today. They don’t take too much time so can be done at the last minute if need be.

These fun DIY decorations will brighten up your Halloween party or are just make great childrens crafts to do with your little ones.

To Make These Decorations You Will Need:

  • A4 paper (In any colours you like).
  • Either a hot gule gun or stapler.
  • String for hanging.

Optional Items:

  • Paints.
  • Markers.

How to Make Them:

Step One:

Take four sheets of your A4 paper and fold them like you were making a fan. Now fold them in half and sit them to one side.

Step Two:

Add glue to the inside of the folded pieces and glue them shut, you will now notice something that resembles a small fan. Do this with all four pieces of paper then let the glue dry. Or staple in place but glue will give more of a seemless look.

Step Three:

Place glue on the edge of your fans and glue them together. You should now have something which looks like this;

Step Four:

Add glue to the remaining edge and pull the together so they meets in the middle forming a circle. This is your base, you can either leave it like this or now get some little helpers in to jazz them up a little.


Step Five:

Get your little ones to make some red or green hand prints and let them dry. While drying write some words like Happy Halloween and cut them out.

Step Six:

Cut the hand prints out and glue them to the middle of your decorations, turn over and add your spooky words to the other side. Now all that’s left to do is pop a hole in the top, add some string, and hang them up.


Happy Halloween Everyone!



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