Why the First Halloween Movie Can’t Be Beat

As we know Michael Myers started off as a little kid in a clown costume who killed his sister with a butcher’s knife. I bet John Carpenter never realised when he made the first movie in 1978, that the story of Michael Myers would then span over 3 decades. Michael Myers has been deep in the heart of the trick or treating season and is still going strong today. Although, I wouldn’t say they were all great, there is still one that shines above them all, here’s why.

It’s obvious to any Halloween movie fans that nothing could possibly beat the original. It’s not very often you get a horror movie that is as scary now as it was in 1978, despite the changes that have taken place both in the world and the world of cinema since then. We’ve been shown every trick in the book, but still Carpenter’s masterpiece of horror just can not be beat.

It’s all to do with the simple nature of the film: it didn’t need amazing effects to be terrifying. Babysitters are terrorized by a maniac on Halloween night, but the killings are where Halloween truly shines. Michael Myers doesn’t shout, he doesn’t run and he doesn’t get angry. He is just simply always moving forward and never bothered by anything. That right there is what makes him so scary: he was just a force of nature who couldn’t be stopped or reasoned with. That’s something that the sequels never really captured, they didn’t seem to get that the more explaining you do about the why, the more you break down the unknown the less scary Michael Myers becomes. That’s why the original will always be at the top of anyones list.

There were a few good sequels admittedly, and Rob Zombies remake in 2009 was pretty epic, but nothing since has ever managed the true creepy feel of 1978.


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