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Moments in The Vampire Diaries When We Said OMG! Part One

Fans everywhere are aware that when The Vampire Diaries do a storyline they do it just right. They have always given us just the right amount of love story, drama and heartbreak, they have also managed to successfully shock us to the very core at times. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about the […]

Some of the Best TV Shows: Halloween Special Episodes

It’s October, which means Halloween is nearly here! With no end of movies to enjoy this October I thought we could look at the most popular TV shows which have brought us fantastic Halloween Specials. Since there are more than you can imagine, I thought I would tell you my favourite ones. Hey everyone, […]

Horror Movies I Could Never Watch Again

Everyone has something they are afraid of and in my experience horror movies tend to feed that fear one way or another. I admit when it comes to horror movies I can be a downright wimp, but hey that’s the point of them right? I’ve watched a lot of horror movies over the years but […]

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