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New Psychological Horror Mobile Game, Sara is Missing, Available Now

Everyone knows about “found footage” horror movies such as the Blair Witch.  That is a genre that goes back to the early days of video cameras being cheap enough for the average person to buy them.  Sara is Missing brings that idea to the modern age in a “found cell phone” game that is genuinely […]

Best Horror Movies of 2016 So Far

2015 wasn’t a very good year for horror movies, but it seems this year the movie industry has come back fighting on the horror front. It’s only the beginning of October and so far we have had some pretty good horror movies already. If you haven’t had a chance to watch these movies yet then […]

New Blair Witch Video or Something Else?

Okay, apparently there was this film crew that went into the woods where the Blair Witch Project was based- Black Hills forest in Maryland in 2014.  Their goal was to document the missing persons whose story was featured in the original Blair Witch movie.  Amongst the new film crew were James Donahue (brother of Heather […]

Second New Blair Witch Trailer Released

Having grown up in a wooded secluded area of central Arkansas gave me an inherent respect for the woods.  That is why when I first watched The Blair Witch movie I was probably a little more emotionally invested than most people watching it.  The first one was a decent horror movie, we did not need […]

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