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Why the First Halloween Movie Can’t Be Beat

As we know Michael Myers started off as a little kid in a clown costume who killed his sister with a butcher’s knife. I bet John Carpenter never realised when he made the first movie in 1978, that the story of Michael Myers would then span over 3 decades. Michael Myers has been deep in […]

What Makes Rob Zombie’s 31 Stand Out From the Crowd

Rob Zombie, the king of the dreads, has brought us another gruesome horror movie. I think this one is going to blow us all away. The Granddaddy of rock music, certainly knows how to make a horror movie really pop. If you have had a chance to watch the trailer, you would understand precisely what […]

Best Upcoming Horror Movies This October

As we all know October is normally a time for terrifiying horror movies to hit the cinema. With Halloween just around the corner I expected an impressive horror movie list. Sadly, that is not the case. We have a few decent ones, but all in all I have to say it’s not really the great […]

31 by Rob Zombie Receives New Trailer

Ah, the carnival.  A place of fun and games and rides.  At least that is what you are supposed to see.  The people running the carnival are usually looked down upon for various reasons.  Not sure why that is though.  Anyhow, one particular member of the carnival family, the clown, is the source of nightmares […]

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