Rumor – T-Moblile Has Google Pixel Available to Look at but Not Buy

Have you ever visited a store and been told you can look at a product but cannot buy it there? That is precisely what is going on at T-Mobile stores right now. Currently, this is only in regards to the new Google Pixel cell phone. This is rather interesting since the Google Pixel is being advertised as a Verizon exclusive device. Could this be causing problems for the deal between Google and Verizon?

Technically, this situation that T-Mobile is in does not break the exclusivity agreement between Google and Verizon. The reason being, when you visit a T-Mobile store, you can only look at and play with the Google Pixel phone. You will not be able to actually purchase it there.

Employees will direct you to visit the nearest Best Buy store, or to the Google Store, to purchase the Google Pixel cell phone. This keeps T-Mobile from getting into too much trouble with one of their biggest competitors while letting customers check the phone out.

Recently, T-Mobile has been promoting the Google Pixel on their service via social media. This is a shot across the bow of Verizon, who have the exclusive rights to sell the Google Pixel, but not directly aimed to start trouble.

The idea is that T-Mobile will pick up new customers looking to bring the Google Pixel to a carrier other than Verizon. It remains to be seen if this plan will work or will backfire on T-Mobile.

Personally, I think this is ridiculous if true. T-Mobile is known for trying to gain customers through unconventional means, but seriously, this is messed up. I can understand the disdain people have for Verizon–I am not a fan at all myself–but T-Mobile is going about this all wrong. They are adding steps into the buying process in hopes of riding on the popularity of a new phone. Are they trying to make sure that they don’t miss out like they did on the iPhone?

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Carl Williams

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    T-Mobile needs to switch there priorities to the network. As a customer that first switched when they started the pay off your contract thing. At first it was a very similar service as verizon. But, after so many others have done the same thing. The service now is the worst ever. The internet speeds are so slow now you cant even watch a video in 480p…. They gave everyone unlimited, so that is expected. But they are doing nothing to fix this, and now I cant do much with my phone. The dead zones for internet service are growing. My gal has verizon still, and it drives me insain how she always has service, and I am always looking for a damn singal. T-Mobile is on its last leg, there will be a mass migration to other networks as this issue make us all move on. I would rather pay the higher price for a service I can count on wherever I go. T-mobile does not even work in my house, I have to use wifi from my TWC service. AND I LIVE IN LA one of the biggest populated cities in the states……..

    • Carl Williams

      I live in central Arkansas (not exactly bustling metropolitan area here) and T-Mobile is okay but nowhere near the quality level of AT&T and Verizon. I only used them when I purchased a Lumia 521 and had to keep service for three months. My wife called them two months into it and explained the situation – they unlocked the phone and I immediately went to AT&T and got a sim card and haven’t looked back since.

      You would think, in an area like where you live @disqus_nMOyvsYdb6:disqus that their service would be better. Hopefully you don’t have much longer left on your contract with them so you can come back to a better service.

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