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Pretty Little Liars News – Are You Ready to Say Goodbye?

The Pretty Little Liars cast are almost finished their filming of the very last episodes in 7B. The rest of the show will air April next year then that’s it for our Liars. We will finally know all the answers to our questions but most of all we will know who ├╝ber A is. Are […]

Some of the Best TV Shows: Halloween Special Episodes

It’s October, which means Halloween is nearly here! With no end of movies to enjoy this October I thought we could look at the most popular TV shows which have brought us fantastic Halloween Specials. Since there are more than you can imagine, I thought I would tell you my favourite ones. Hey everyone, […]

Pretty Little Liars 7B Updates

The summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars” season 7A left us with more questions than answers. Fans are hoping that season 7B, which is coming to us in April 2017, will finally provide answers to all our questions. Season 7B marks the last half of the last season of the entire series. Which is ending […]

Did Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Drop Hints As To Who A.D Is?

A few people in Rosewood are on my suspect list of Who A.D could be, but there is one character out there that fits the build most of all. There is also serious hints as to who I think it could be back in Pretty Little Liars season two. If you want to find out […]

Pretty Little Liars 7B Spoilers

Many of us were left shocked with Pretty Little Liars episode 10, many also saw what was coming, either way what an episode! It’s left so much open for us for the next addition to the seires which will return 17th April 2017 for its final parts ever. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all […]

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale, My Favourite Scenes

Wow I just finished watching last night Pretty Little Liars and I have to say I think that may be my favourite episode to date. From the first few moments in when Hannah was welding that giant, kitchen knife I was on the edge of my seat. Hey everyone, I’m sophie. I’m all about […]

Pretty Little Liars My Top Suspects and Why

Ok so we all know that the summer finale is tonight and also that last night we were all shocked with the news of this season being the last ever Pretty Little Liars. The question still on everyone’s lips at the moment though is who the hell is Mary Drake’s other child? Heres a few […]

Season 7 Will Be Pretty Little Liars Last Season

Sorry to tell you guys this but it’s just been announced that season will be our beloved Liars last season After much thought over the future of the show, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse and creator I. Marlene King announced the “bittersweet” news in a Facebook Live broadcast from the show’s set, where they’re […]

Who’s Going To Die In Pretty Little Liars Season 7

As well as TVD I am also a huge Pretty Little Liars  fan as I’m sure many people worldwide are. With only 3 days to go before the finale of Pretty Little Liars season 7. The truth is all going to unfold and someone is going to die, but who? WARNING THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS! […]

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