Pretty Little Liars News – Are You Ready to Say Goodbye?

The Pretty Little Liars cast are almost finished their filming of the very last episodes in 7B. The rest of the show will air April next year then that’s it for our Liars. We will finally know all the answers to our questions but most of all we will know who ├╝ber A is. Are you ready to say goodbye?

Die-hard fans have followed the series from the start, so it’s going to be hard for fans to say goodbye to the Liars once and for all. I myself am a huge fan of the show and was devastated by the news that 7B would be the last ever installment. Even though fans are devastated by the news the cast themselves are having an even harder time having to say goodbye to their PLL family.

The actresses are getting very watery eyed over the season coming to an end. Lucy Hale posted a picture on Instagram with the rest of the Liars, (Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario, and Sasha Pieterse) after their last-ever table read for the show. “Aside from a murder mystery, mysterious Rosewood, the Hunt for A, and a lot of sketchy characters, the foundation of this show started and ended with friendship,” she said about the series that has had fans gripped for 7 seasons. “Through it all, these characters stuck by each other’s side. Knowing and working with each of these ladies has left such a huge mark on my life. And I’m not ready to say goodbye.”

Its going to be extremely hard to say goodbye to The Pretty Little Liars but its got to be a million times worse for the cast. No doubt there will be some tear filled moments during the 2 hour finale as we apparently watch 2 weddings take place. My guess would be Hannah and Caleb, and Toby and Spencer. I know Aria and Ezra fans are hoping to see them get their happy ever after but with Ezra’s ex now back in the picture I think they may go their separate ways (they can’t all have a fairytale ending). But that’s just my speculation. What do you guys think?




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