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Review- Gods of Rome on Android Using the GDP XD

With the popularity of the God of War games for the Sony Playstation consoles there had to eventually be other titles within that realm.  That is squarely where Gods of Rome is set but this is no action adventure title with quick time events.  No, Gods of Rome is a 3D, but played in a […]

Review- Smurfs Epic Run on Android GDP XD Tablet

I grew up watching reruns of the Smurf cartoon- I didn’t know it was a rerun at the time though.  It was a fun show, one that fit in perfectly with early 80’s style.  There were moral dilemmas, challenges and educational bits but they were masked quite well- just right for young developing minds to […]

Blue Rider Bringing Overhead Shooters Circle Strafing

Circle strafing is a common practice in first person shooters but not so much overhead scrolling shooters.  With Ravegan’s new overhead scrolling shooter, Blue Rider, circle strafing is making the jump.  If you remember the helicopter “Strike” series by Electronic Arts then you have an idea of what to expect from Blue Rider.  The difference […]

Review- Galactic Nemesis on Android, ZTE Maven

Overhead scrolling shooters are a staple of gaming.  They have been around since the early days with Space War on up to modern interpretations on mobile devices.  We have seen new renditions on the idea with titles like Mig 2D and even reboots like Sky Force 2014.  We have seen the classics revived with Raiden […]

Polaroid to Release Two New Android Powered Phones

If you caught my article “6 Brands Revived Under New Management” then you know that Polaroid today is not the same Polaroid your parents and grandparents knew.  Whomever is holding the rights to the Polaroid name now is releasing two branded Android powered phones but specs are a little fuzzy at the moment.  That should […]

Upcoming Games 2016- Batman – Arkham Underworld

Batman: Arkham Underworld No official release date as yet.  Expected for world wide relase in 2016. Game Developer: Turbine Entertainment. Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive. Platforms: Android and iOS Gamestyle: Single player Genre: Real-Time Strategy CPC 4 EvaMore Posts

Holista Colltech, White Bread Global Scientific Breakthrough

Shares in Holista Colltech (ASX CODE: HCT) opened at 10c this morning (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time) but then shot up over 300%, hitting a day high of 34c, as it announced to the Australian Share Market, news, of its ground breaking, global scientific breakthrough for white bread, based products. In partnership with Swiss bakery ingredient […]

New Smart Lens from the Zeiss Group to take on Google Glass

Google Glass, now finds itself battling a major competitor in the next-gen data deliverable eye-glass market. Smart Optics, owned by the Carl Zeiss group, demonstrated its eye-glass wearing prototype at CES 2016, Las Vegas, Nevada. The major differences between the two products couldn’t be more apparent. Firstly, the Smart Optics product, offers the wearer the same look as […]

Syntonic Accelerates Sponsored Data Awareness and Availability by Providing Free Mobile Access to CES Content with Freeway by Syntonic®

Mobile application, Freeway by Syntonic has made its biggest move yet, allowing AT&T customers free mobile data access to the worlds biggest technology show of 2016, the CES conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, from the 6th – 9th January, 2016This is the first sponsored data access for the conference, with the service being available to […]

Cortana Included in Cyanogen OS 12.1.1, USA Only

It is no secret that Microsoft are working on various Android apps.  They have ported their popular Office 365 over, they have even released Cortana.  They have also released an Android launcher for people wanting to get a little more done with their Google device.  Now, working with Cyanogen Cortana is included in OS version […]

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