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Cortana Included in Cyanogen OS 12.1.1, USA Only

It is no secret that Microsoft are working on various Android apps.  They have ported their popular Office 365 over, they have even released Cortana.  They have also released an Android launcher for people wanting to get a little more done with their Google device.  Now, working with Cyanogen Cortana is included in OS version 12.1.1, don’t worry, you can uninstall her if you wish.

While Cortana is available on Android devices through Google Play (), this is the first time it has been integrated.  Microsoft has even listened to public outcries over the “always on” listening feature and removed that.

By being integrated into the Cyanogen OS, Cortana will be able to perform much closer to her Windows Phone variant.  Standard are voice controls such as “Hey Cortana” to toggling settings using your voice.  Alarms, quiet time, and other basic features of other versions of Cortana are still available in the Cyanogen OS version.

Sadly, this update with Cortana, is only available in the United States.  Users that are interested in using Cortana and living in other countries are left out, again.

Microsoft has slowly been building up their arsenal of Android software for a long time now.  As mentioned earlier in this article, they have a launcher (Arrow – covered here), Cortana on Android (covered here), released a custom lock screen and of course Office 365.  More software is expected in the future, just not sur what outside of more integration with their Xbox line of game consoles.

Could we eventually see a Microsoft variation of the Android OS like Amazon and Cyanogen have done?  That would be interesting to see all of this stuff eventually become the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Android fork.  Kind of like Devestator forming from all of the little Constructicons in Transformers.  I can dream, damnit.

Source: Cyanogen website

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