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Review- Gods of Rome on Android Using the GDP XD

With the popularity of the God of War games for the Sony Playstation consoles there had to eventually be other titles within that realm.  That is squarely where Gods of Rome is set but this is no action adventure title with quick time events.  No, Gods of Rome is a 3D, but played in a 2D fashion, one on one fighting game for Android and iOS devices.  You won’t find intricate 99+ hit combos here but you will find some interesting fun and challenge during your stay.

I must say, the idea behind Gods of Rome is an interesting one.  You are an “Ascender”, someone who can summon the Roman gods to battle.  Nothing quite as satisfying as laying the smackdown on Zeus or Atlas, or seeing them return the favor to your chosen champion.  You are not limited to Roman gods though as you can summon monsters from the pits of Hell itself or pull a human hero into the fray (if upgraded enough).

The control method of Gods of Rome is squarely in the realm of Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat X on Android and iOS.  That means swipes, taps and holds on the screen are the norm rather than quarter moon twists with a punch or kick button.  The retro fans among you will probably refer to this as a “button masher” style fighter from back in the day.  People will say no real skill is required to win battles, just bash buttons and directions till you win.  Gods of Rome is a little more sophisticated than that though as just bashing your way through only works for the first few fighters.  Eventually you hit a point where you have to pay attention to their charges, their space from you, etc and act accordingly.

Graphically, Gods of Rome is very detailed and fluid.  I would love to see this game released on consoles or PC and given proper fighting game controls.  It is strong enough visually to attract more than just the wayward God of War fan.  There is enough substance here to plow through the naysayers that will scream that Gods of Rome is riding the coattails of God of War too.

There are all kinds of things going on in the backgrounds.  In the arena there is a tiger that is chained pacing back and forth waiting for lunch.  Another has Mount Olympus in the background while another has the ruins of Pompeii complete with erupting volcano (and crap falling in the fighting area).  Gameloft have gone above and beyond the minimum with Gods of Rome and it shows.

Fighting games are becoming more and more common on Android and iOS so there has to be something unique to make it worth playing.  Gods of Rome has the basics intact, now gamers just have to give it a try.

GPD XD Specifics:
Using the built-in screen to controller software makes playing Gods of Rome a snap.  No longer do you have to block the screen with your fingers.  Map the attacks, based on screen location, to your favorite buttons and off you go.  I have it mapped to “swipe” attacks are on the analog stick while blocking is mapped to the cross thumb pad (back) and heavy attack (forward) with light attacks and specials tied to the right hand buttons.

More images are available on Redgage.com

Gods of Rome by Gameloft
Platform: Android (version reviewed) and iOS
Genre: One on One fighting
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: Mature 17+ on Google Play and 12+ on the iTunes App Store
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

The GPD XD is available at Willgoo.com in 16 and 32 gig models.

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