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Bandit Gaming- Mega Man Battle Network 3D in Development by Fans

Capcom is usually pretty cool about keeping their classics up and alive on newer platforms.  One such franchise they have sort of ignored is the Mega Man Battle Network series.  This series started life on the Game Boy Advance, actually having released , and has seen seven, or so, releases over the years.  Quite a long heritage for a series to only see Capcom drop it from their lineup (who are they, Konami?).  Some fans have taken the job of updating the side story for Mega Man in their own hands.

Dubbed Mega Man Battle Network 3D, this fan remake is just that- a complete remake by a fan.  This is not a hack as it doesn’t use anything from any of the games released by Capcom.  Even Mega Man and his enemies are remade in complete 3D, from scratch.

For those that do not know what Mega Man Battle Network is, it is a real-time tactical role-playing game.  Of course, the main character is Mega Man and his enemies are from the classic series over the years.  The back story is that computer and networking technology progressed faster than robotics did.  That makes it a little weird that you are controlling a robot inside of a computer but whatever, it is a game and it is interesting.

There is also a demo available for those interested in seeing how development is going.  This is one of those fan remakes that is likely to get shut down by Capcom before it is finished.  That means you need to grab the demo now while you still can.

If you have never tried Mega Man Battle Network before, head over to and grab a copy now.  There are several releases in the series and some are fairly cheap.

Carl Williams

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