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Blue Rider Bringing Overhead Shooters Circle Strafing

Circle strafing is a common practice in first person shooters but not so much overhead scrolling shooters.  With Ravegan’s new overhead scrolling shooter, Blue Rider, circle strafing is making the jump.  If you remember the helicopter “Strike” series by Electronic Arts then you have an idea of what to expect from Blue Rider.  The difference is that Blue Rider is aiming to be more of an arcade shooter rather than search and rescue missions like EA’s classic series.

From the preview video that Ravegan has made available, it appears the levels are sprawling affairs.  There is no direct, correct, route to take and you will face different enemies depending on where you are on the map.  This is interesting since most arcade shooters focus on one patch, scrolling either vertically or horizontally.  Blue Rider seems to be giving players a sandbox of sorts to play through complete with new enemies, paths and other obstacles.

There will reportedly be nine bosses, over thirty different enemies to face.  Staples of first person shooters will also make an appearance via hidden items and different paths to the bosses.

For me, Blue Rider is intriguing because it is “familiar” in point of view but unique in approach.  Not just another scrolling shooter, which I am rediscovering my love for, but something that takes the genre a little farther and expands it.  It remains to be seen if fans will support Blue Rider or if it will flop in the marketplace.  Hopefully, Blue Rider will find an audience and more, similar, games will start appearing.

Blue Rider by Ravegan
Platform: Steam, Windows 10, Playstation 4 and Xbox One (no word on Android or iOS)
Genre: Overhead shooter
Rated: Probably going to be 10+ or Teen
Availability varies- Second Quarter 2016 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One while Steam/Windows 10 unknown

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