Body Blows the Fan Movie, Team 17 Classic Fighter Fan Base Grows

What do you do if you are a fan of a game that is over 20 years old, most popular on the Commodore Amiga and you have friends and a video camera?  Well, if your name is Daniele Spadoni you take an extremely low-budget and turn that love for an old game into a short film.  Previously, I covered Another World short film by Daniele and if you missed it, check it out ASAP.  Dude has some serious skills with bringing the game to the screen in unique ways.  Body Blows is no different- my only question is, when can we get a Streets of Rage fan film?  Oh, never mind, he is apparently doing Maniac Mansion at some point!

If you have not seen Daniele Spadoni’s “Another World Fan Film” yet, please go here and watch it now.  We will wait.  Back to Body Blows now.

Daniele and his team are showing more and more promise in the field of fan films.  Body Blows is just more proof of that.  The special effects are a step above what we have seen in their Another World short film.  My favorite part is the specials each character pulls off, specifically Lo Ray prepares his attack which Junior is ready for.  I cannot take away from the last fight as far as special effects but it would not be fair to spoil it for you.  Just suffice to say, it is special effects laden and rocks.

These fan films by Daniele Spadoni and his team are some of the better quality releases I have seen.  They are certainly not focusing on the most popular games, rather focusing on games that they are obviously huge fans of.  Also, keep in mind, these are created with very small budgets and a lot of love for film and gaming and just enjoy them.

Carl Williams

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