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Polaroid to Release Two New Android Powered Phones

If you caught my article “6 Brands Revived Under New Management” then you know that Polaroid today is not the same Polaroid your parents and grandparents knew.  Whomever is holding the rights to the Polaroid name now is releasing two branded Android powered phones but specs are a little fuzzy at the moment.  That should be your second concern here.

Sure, everyone is promoting this as “Polaroid” are releasing new phones, hell I did it in the title to this article.  It is not, but those that have read my other article already know that so we will just skip rehashing that, yet again.  Let’s focus, get it- focus, on the specs of these phones and see what is up and if they are worth getting excited about, or not.

Polaroid “Snap” cell phone

First, the names of the phones is wonky- “Snap” and “Power”.  Quite general names if I say so myself there.  First, the specs for Snap:

Screen: 5”, 5.5” and 6” (why?)
Resolution: 720p
RAM: 1 to 2 gigs depending on “model”
Storage: 8 to 16 gigs depending on “model”
Expansion: MicroSD slot
CPU: Quad-core, no specific specs available at time of writing
Service: 4G LTE
Camera: 13MP back/forward facing and 5MP “selfie” camera
Android: 5.1
Price: $129.99 to $179.99 depending on size of screen and other “features”


Now for “Power” and the specs for it:
Screen: 6”
Resolution: 1080p
RAM: 3 gigs
Storage: 32 gigs
Expansion: MicroSD slot
CPU: 64-bit octa-core CPU, no additional information at time of writing
Service: 4G LTE
Camera: 13MP back/forward facing and 8MP “selfie” camera
Android: 5.1
Price: $249.99

These new Polaroid phones are being manufactured by Southern Telecom, no word on if they licensed the Polaroid name or are just the manufacturer of the hardware.  It remains to be seen if the Polaroid name will help push sales higher than similar specced devices that don’t have a “household” name attached.

Will you be purchasing one of these new Polaroid phones?

Carl Williams

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